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Posted: May 6, 2022, 15:34 Post #1
This was crossposted with the #announcements channel on the FactionFiles Community Discord.

Today, the community is announcing the Red Faction Unite 7 community level design project and map pack!

What is RFU?
Red Faction Unite is a collaborative Red Faction community level design project where participants each design a level which adheres to a common theme, then all the levels are released collectively in a map pack. The first 4 incarnations of the project (RFU1 - RFU4) were in 2004 and 2005, the fifth (RFU5) was in 2020, and the sixth (RFU6) was in 2021.

Theme?! What's the theme for RFU7?
RFU7 has no visual theme constraints, rather each submitted map must be Assault-Style, meaning it features asymmetric attack/defend style gameplay.
Specifically, each map in RFU7 should meet these criteria:
- casts the red team as the "attackers" and the blue team as the "defenders"
- features the act of the red team capturing the blue team's CTF flag as its victory condition, though additional objectives can be implemented via other means (discuss in #workshop on the Discord)
- uses the "CTF-RFU7-MAPNAME.rfl" naming convention for its filename, and "RFU7 - MAPNAME" for level name (in Level Properties)

Additional notes:
- While there's no size requirement, levels should include enough items and spawn points to support 8-16 players comfortably
- Levels must be constructed for this project, not edited versions of maps that have previously been released
- No developer is too inexperienced to participate! No matter if you've been mapping for 20 years or 20 minutes, if you want to participate, we want to encourage you and give you the tools to do so
- Please feel free to utilize #workshop on the Discord for showcasing the development process for your creations, collaborating with others, and asking for assistance

What's the deadline for levels to be complete? What's the timeline for the RFU7 map pack's release?
The time before which levels must be complete and submitted for inclusion in the pack is midnight (EST) on the night of Sept 2, 2022. Deadline has been extended to midnight (EST) on the night of Sept 30, 2022

Awesome! How do I sign up?
To sign up, first be sure you're a member of the FactionFiles Community Discord. Next, visit the #announcements channel and follow the instructions to react with the map icon to the RFU7 post in that channel.
There's no deadline for signing up - as long as you sign up and submit your level prior to the Sept 2 deadline.

Is there anything else I should know?
RF Game Night on Sept 3 Oct 1 will be dedicated to the RFU7 project. The map pack will be released just before the event, and all maps submitted to RFU7 will be played at the event.

You can read more about Red Faction Unite and browse the themes and contents of the previous releases here: [RFU on the RF Wiki]

You can read and share ideas related specifically to Assault-Style maps in this thread on the Discord: [Link]

The Red Faction Community Lives!

The FactionFiles forums are archived. Please join the community on our Discord for all Red Faction discussions.
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