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Dash Faction is a free and open source Red Faction game patch designed to fix original game bugs, improve compatibility with modern hardware and software, extend functionality, enhance graphics quality, and improve engine performance.
The FactionFiles multiplayer tracker is the defacto standard for the community, and provides players with an accurate and up-to-date listing of available Red Faction servers.
The community-driven knowledgebase for the entire Red Faction series - that anyone can edit! The definitive source for all Red Faction information!
FactionFiles Guidelines
The FactionFiles forums operated from the site's launch in September 2009 until shifting to an archive in 2020. The FactionFiles community is still quite active, but users should join our Discord server (link below) instead.
The Faction Files Discord server. Come join us if you have any issues using the site, or if you just want to chat about the Red Faction series or Faction Files itself.
Having a problem with the game? Check our frequently asked questions section for help! If you still have a problem, contact one of us on Discord for assistance.
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