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and like this

Posted: October 16, 2020, 0:13 Post #1
Today, the community is announcing the Red Faction Unite 5 community level design project and map pack!

What is RFU?
You'd be forgiven if you don't recognize the name since the last RFU project (RFU4) concluded in July 2005 - over 15 years ago!
Red Faction Unite is a collaborative Red Faction community level design project where participants each design a level which adheres to a common theme, then all the levels are released collectively in a map pack.

Theme?! What's the theme for RFU5?
In short, the theme for RFU5 is Maps from Other Games.
More specifically, maps in RFU5 should meet one or more of the following criteria:
- is ported from another game into Red Faction
- is heavily inspired by another game (or a map in another game)
- is a "reimagination" of a map from any game

Note that RFU5 levels must be constructed for the project, and can't be edited versions of maps that have previously been released.

What's the deadline for levels to be complete? What's the timeline for the RFU5 map pack's release?
The date by which levels must be complete and submitted for inclusion in the pack is November 30, 2020. The map pack will be released a few days later.

Awesome! How do I sign up?
To sign up, first be sure you're a member of the Red Faction Community Discord. Next, visit the #announcements channel and follow the instructions to react with the map icon to the RFU5 post in that channel.
There's no deadline for signing up - as long as you sign up and submit your level prior to the Nov 30 deadline, your level will be included in the pack.

Is there anything else I should know?
Assuming enough maps are submitted for the RFU5 pack, we'll dedicate one of our biweekly RF Game Night events to them, which will take place shortly after the pack's release in early December.

You can read more about Red Faction Unite and browse the themes and contents of the previous releases here: [RFU on the RF Wiki]

The Red Faction Community Lives!

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