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Posted: December 30, 2019, 20:33 Post #1
I was watching a video on RFG and I was shocked. The games original graphics seem better than the remaster. So I was thinking it's probably because of my "graphics" mod for RFGR. So I ported the mod to run on the original and the graphics still seem better. The texture improvement in the remaster ranges from being mostly good to being actually worse in some places. Also the ambient occlusion is WAY better in the original steam edition. Shadows in the original version are much more realistic. Realistic Shadows are soft and don't display much detail when the object casting the shadow is far away. The remaster makes all the shadows sharp which some people may like, but it's not realistic. The only graphical Improvement I see in the remaster is that there is now specular pass, which makes geometry that the sun casts light onto shine. explosions and fired weapons in the remaster emit fake light but, the devs only added this to half the weapons and explosions. turrets will not emit this fake light. I call it fake light because it doesn't cast shadows on anything. The last improvement in the remaster that I can think of is that the clouds cast shadows onto the map. I still prefer the remaster because it has the reset destruction feature and they fixed the mouse movement on vehicles, and other things. But the point of a remaster is to improve graphics which it did to some extent, but its the ambient occlusion that makes the original look better than the remaster in my opinion.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? let me know if you agree with me.

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Posted: February 17, 2020, 5:37 Post #2
Yeah. But I wish they did a better remastered version

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