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Posted: August 4, 2019, 13:45 Post #1
Hey all.

Good to see people are still active here.

I saw RF in a lonely corner of my desktop and thought I'd boot it up once more for the hell of it, but when launching PF, my desktop resolution changes to poop, and the game never starts. Task manager immediately says it's not responding. So my question is, is there anything else I need to do to get PF running again?

EVGA 1080Ti FTW3
i7 7700k
1440 p 144hz gsync monitor
16 gb of ram
500gb m.2 drive


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Posted: August 4, 2019, 15:43 Post #2
Uninstall PureFaction. and use Dash Faction patch instead:

Also replace the RF.exe you got already, with this one too:

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Posted: August 4, 2019, 20:06 Post #3
Hi naraku!

What OS are you running? If it's Windows 10 with the May 2019 update applied, PF won't work and you will have to use Dash Faction as SeeL said above. If you're not on Windows 10 or have not installed the May 2019 update, your graphics settings may be causing issues. Drop by our [Discord] and we should be able to give you a hand :v

I've written a FAQ for http://redfaction.help that should answer most other issues you may run into.

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