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Posted: August 17, 2018, 8:03 Post #1
Just thought I'd post this as a reference.

Code		Effect
ZZZZZZZZ Bouncy Grenades
ZZZZWXZZ Bullet Gibs
YXZWZXYW Director's Cut
YYYYYYYY Fire Bullets
XXXXYZXX Instagib Ammo
WZXYWZXY Instagib Explosions
ZYZYXXWW Rapid Rails
XXYWYWZ Super Health
YWXZYZXW Unlimited Ammo
ZXZXZXZX Unlimited Grenades
YZWZYXWX Unlock all Cheats
ZYXWYZXX Unlock all Levels
WWWWWWWW Wacky Deaths
XXXXXXXX Zombie Walk

I'll add the cheat codes for other platforms later.

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