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Posted: March 1, 2018, 21:46 Post #1
This thread will walk you through how to install and play with or use different types of RF mods.

NOTE: We've tried to standardize the distribution format of mods on Faction Files and this guide assumes you're installing mods from this site. These steps may not work for you if you obtained a mod from another source.


Total Conversion Mods
To run total conversion mods with Pure Faction, simply extract the mod's folder to your "<Red Faction>\mods\" directory. (Normally this will be "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\red faction\mods\MODFOLDER" for Steam users, and "C:\games\RedFaction\mods\MODFOLDER" for non-Steam users)

IMPORTANT: Do not rename the mod's folder!

After the folder is extracted, launch PFLauncher.exe from your Red Faction folder. From the "Mod" dropdown menu (near the bottom of the launcher), select the folder name of the mod and click "Launch Game"

To go back to playing stock Red (Pure) Faction, simply select "None" from the dropdown before launching the game.


Weapon Skins, Player Skins, or HUD / UI / Sound Mods
To use custom weapon skin, player skin, or HUD/UI mods with Pure Faction, simply extract the provided .VPP file to your "<Red Faction>\user_maps\multi" directory. (Normally this will be "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\red faction\user_maps\multi" for Steam users, and "C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi" for non-Steam users)

Once extracted, launch the game.

To remove this mod, simply delete the .VPP file from your "<Red Faction>\user_maps\multi" directory.


Of course, if you run into any issues using any of the mods on this site, please post or join us on Discord and someone will gladly assist you.

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