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Project Name
Red Faction: Guerrilla
This page lists all the functions able to be used in RF:G ScriptX files.
Red Faction I
Our backup game tracker allows you to play Red Faction while THQ's tracker is offline.
Red Faction I
Community-made RF patch. Includes anticheat, bug fixes, auto map downloader, and more. Made by TrotSkie.
Red Faction I
A project which aims to recreate high-quality versions of all textures and graphics used in the multiplayer portion of Red Faction.
Red Faction I
An open source project of reverse engineering Red Faction formats and remaking the Red Faction engine from scratch
Faction Files
All sorts of tutorials to help you along with the Red Faction series. Mapping and more!
Faction Files
The community-driven knowledgebase for the entire Red Faction series - that anyone can edit! The definitive source for all Red Faction information!
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