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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: Night of the Mutants [beta 3] by Marc 'RoMeK' Basso
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Author: Marc 'RoMeK' Basso [Search Author]
Uploader: RoMeK [View Profile]
File Size: 19.5MB
File Type: rar
Added: 10/11/2021
Downloads: 20
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Survival Horror / Defense Mod

Defend your group in the basement against a slowly increasing number of Mutants invading the farmhouse. Survive for all 10 minutes to beat the map. Mutant wave starts when the button on the wall is pressed.

The farmhouse (and mod in general) was heavily inspired by the 1990 film version of Night of the Living Dead.

- Survive for 10 minutes to win.
- Once you press the button, mutants will continue to spawn for the next 10 minutes in a variety of locations and will take a variety of pathways leading to the basement. Be prepared to protect all doors in the house!
- Protect your two party members in the basement. If either of them die, the game ends!
- Mutants will slowly increase as time goes by. Can you survive into the later minutes?
- After 3 minutes: Shotgun spawns in the Basement.
- After 6 minutes: Assault Rifle spawns in the Basement.
- After 10 minutes: You win and End Credits roll.
- Limited health and ammo.
- Health and Ammo respawn rate is set to 60 seconds (use sparingly).
- Baton replaced with a wooden plank (model and animation by D2K)

- Updated map.
- Added Secret New Weapon (found in the map)
- Changed Sniper Rifle to Assault Rifle
- Updated Nav Points and Pathways.
- Updated Mutant Spawns and Spawn Times.
- Added New Mutant Type
- Added End Credits
- Added HUD for Survivor Character

*This mod is still in beta. If you notice any game ending bugs, please message me on discord and I'll update for beta 4. The only known bug is caused by a maximum number of zombies able to be spawned at a given time. For this map it's roughly 110-120. The spawn rate was adjusted to deal with this bug. The bug is avoidable by playing the mod as intended by keeping up with the battle against the mutants.

Admin Note: To play this mod, create a folder named "NightoftheMutantsb3" in RedFaction\mods\ and put the vpps contained within this download in that folder. After that, restart the Dash launcher and select "NightoftheMutantsb3" from the mod dropdown at the bottom of the window.

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