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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: Night of the Mutants [beta 4] by RoMeK
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Author: RoMeK [Search Author]
Uploader: RoMeK [View Profile]
File Size: 53.2MB
File Type: rar
Added: 10/30/2021
Downloads: 61
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Survival Horror / Defense Mod
Defend your group against slowly increasing number of Mutants invading.

- Updated AI on Farmhouse, mutants are far less predictable and also far more dangerous.
- Updated character in basement and added voice lines.
- New Level 'End of the Road' See notes below for details.
- New Soundtrack (For both levels)

(Farmhouse Map)
- Survive for 10 minutes to win.
- Mutant wave starts when the button on the wall is pressed.
- Once you press the button, mutants will continue to spawn for the next 10 minutes in a variety of locations and will take a variety of pathways leading to the basement. Be prepared to protect your party members in the basement!
- Protect your two party members in the basement. If either of them die, the game ends!
- After 3 minutes: Shotgun spawns in the Basement.
- After 6 minutes: Assault Rifle spawns in the Basement.
- After 10 minutes: You win and End Credits roll.
- Limited health and ammo.
- Health and Ammo respawn rate is set to 60 seconds (use sparingly).

(End of the Road Map)
- Wave starts automatically.
- No timer.
- No new weapons spawned.
- You only have the weapons and ammo you start with.
- Very few random ammo drops found on fallen mutants.
- If your party members die, they drop their weapons and ammo.
- Survive for approx 10 minutes to win the round.
- Utilize the medic if you are injured.
- If you can keep your party members alive, they will help you defeat the later tougher waves.

General notes:
- Baton replaced with a wooden plank (model and animation by D2K)
- The farmhouse was heavily inspired by the farmhouse in the 1990 film remake of Night of the Living Dead.

*This mod is still in beta. If you notice any game ending bugs, please message me on discord and I'll update for beta 5. The only known bug is caused by a maximum number of zombies able to be spawned at a given time. For this map it's roughly 110-120. The spawn rate was adjusted to deal with this bug. The bug is avoidable by playing the mod as intended by keeping up with the battle against the mutants.

To play this mod, put the folder with the name "NightoftheMutantsb4" in RedFaction\mods\. After that, restart the Dash launcher and select "NightoftheMutantsb4" from the mod drop-down at the bottom of the window.
BATEMAN · Mon 24 Jan 2022, 19:05 ·
likes this
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
This is a big improvement from the first. Only got round to playing this last night and had a blast. Completed both game modes and both were equally fun. Really impressed with with the quality control of this mod, very professional. Must have taken some time to balance the difficulty of the game, i found was just right for me.
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