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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Deathmatch :: The Mourningstar by Phasmomancer
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Author: Phasmomancer [Search Author]
Uploader: phasmomancer [View Profile]
RFL Name: dm-mourningstar.rfl
File Size: 37.4MB
File Type: zip
Added: 03/10/2024
Downloads: 86 (69 In-Game AutoDL)
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Imperial Navy Firestorm-class "The Mourningstar"

Class: Unknown variant of the Firestorm-class Frigate

Dimensions: Approximately 1.8 kilometres long, 0.3 kilometres abeam at fin

Mass: Approximately 6 megatonnes

Crew: Approximately 25,000 crew

Acceleration: 4.4 Gravities maximum sustainable acceleration

Current Status: Under assault, several small firefights mostly cantered around command bridge
Goober · Sun 17 Mar 2024, 15:08 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
A breathtakingly beautiful map from a veteran mapper, fantastic work! The hologram section is definitely the highlight in my eyes - the use of grid textures to create the illusion of a type of visual effect not otherwise really possible in this engine is simply wonderful.

I do think this map would benefit from having the lighting trick applied, but other than that it's pretty much perfect, and is destined to become a classic.
dvl_iac · Sun 17 Mar 2024, 4:03 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Really cool and unique looking map. The hologram table is pretty neat although it kinda looks like flying dicks are attacking the city lol. Really like the way you did the skybox where you can look out and see other parts of the ship that aren't accessible, making it feel like a much bigger place. The music is pretty cool too.
kerpal · Thu 14 Mar 2024, 17:04 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Another really solid map with a uniquely dark vibe and awesome looking design. It's like being in a steampunk interstellar cathedral.

The map has a pretty solid and well structured layout. Long open winding hallways connecting some main chambers with some other passageways leading to upper/lower floors and some secrets scattered about.

The overall feel is grandiose and somewhat menacing. The detail and pipework running throughout the map was really nicely done and adds a unique flavor to the map. I loved the holographic display and the terrain on the outside parts of the map, very well done. Also the music with haunting organs really does make it feel like a cathedral.

Incredible map overall, can't wait to play it.
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