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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Jupiter 3 Station: Locked Out Edition by {DVL} I.A.C
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Author: {DVL} I.A.C [Search Author]
Uploader: dvl_iac [View Profile]
RFL Name: CTF_Jupiter3StationLO.rfl
File Size: 116.7MB
File Type: zip
Added: 02/28/2024
Downloads: 8 (1 In-Game AutoDL)
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This is a map of a space hotel orbiting Jupiter, next to an asteroid.

This is a CTF conversion of my Jupiter 3 Station DM map. This version also locks the players out of the station so there's less play area, therefore faster paced games. The control room and garden are still accessible though.

If you want the full Jupiter 3 experience or just want to explore, get the full version here: https://www.factionfiles.com/ff.php?action=file&id=7793

There are a few new gameplay elements in this version:
- Jump pads are now Long Rage Tele-pads (LRTs) that will send you instantly to a new location. Red pads will get you closer to the red flag and blue pads closer to the blue flag.
- Anti-gravity Levitation Arrows (AGLAs) will be your new jump pads. They will send you flying in the direction of the arrow.
- Everyone now has a Short Range Teleporter (SRT) built into their space suit. Simply hit your use key anywhere in the map, except the flag towers, control room and garden, and you will be teleported to a random location on the other side of the map. These SRTs do have a 5 sec charge up period and 30 sec cool down period, so use them wisely. If you want instant teleports at any time with predictable arrival locations, use the LRTs.
- On the very top of each base, below the bolt of electricity, is a Battle Royale button. Use the button to activate the 5 second count down, that then combines the power of the 2 bases to teleport everyone in the map to a battle arena, within the base that activated the button. Players are locked in the arena for 30 seconds. Eliminate the other team to win the Battle Royale. If the battle finishes before 30 sec, you can use your SRT after 20 sec to get back in the game. The Battle Royale can only be activated once every 2 min.

Changes from the full version:
- Added a flag section to the top of the station and a flag tower on the asteroid.
- Added tons more ways to get around quickly.
- Moved all the items and respawn points that were inside the station, to outside the station.
- Deleted everything inside the station that you can't see through the windows and thinned out some clutter you can see.
- Re did the outside station lighting, since I no longer had to worry about light leaks. It is now 1 giant light that covers the whole station rather than a bunch of small lights. This gives a lot more realistic sun lighting and shadows.
- Removed most lighting and lowered the lightmap resolution inside station, so I could up the lightmap resolution on the outside of the station, for crisper lighting.
- Tweaked various other lights and textures.
- Rebuilt the escape pod tunnels to look a bit better while also using less faces.
- Optimized everything I could think of that wouldn't affect the look, to give some FPS gains.
- The control room escape pods can now be blown up, so you can get in and out of any tunnel. Be careful though, if you are standing in their spot when they respawn they may kill you.
- Moved the station jukebox to the control room and added a jukebox to the garden.
- Re did the lighting in the control room.
- Added some more tech to the control room.
- A bunch of new end game screens.
- Made the ping pong table invulnerable for RedEyesGreenDragon. ;)
- I left one secret way to get inside the station, if you want to see its sad emptiness or try to get in some sneaky rail shots. There are also a couple goodies near the entrance. I'll give you a hint, the opening is triggered by gunfire. :P

Check out the commercial video for the full version of the map here: https://youtu.be/5JimzJThul4
Check out the Features & Secrets video for the full version of the map here (all the outside stuff still applies to this map): https://youtu.be/vdzVHG4D5f8

This map requires Dash Faction to run (https://dashfaction.com/)

This map comes with 47 min of music. There is a 2 min intro track, then if you want to access the rest or skip the intro track there are 2 playlists. The Chill playlist is 20min long and is all calm, more ambient like music and the Hard playlist is 25min long and more heavier, action like music. The playlists are controlled using the buttons on the jukeboxes in the map and are set up in a way that the buttons should only effect the person pushing them.

This map is a bit of a beast. It's just under 3x RF's recommended geometry limits as well as uses 550+ default clutter objects, so may not run very smooth on older computers. Despite all my deletions and optimizations, I was only able to squeeze an extra 15-20FPS out of the map compared to the full version. I'm getting lows around 75FPS on an AMD Threadripper 3960x. I have learned that GPU makes very little difference for RF performance and your performance will pretty much be determined by the Single Core performance of your CPU. Therefore a computer with an old CPU but modern GPU will likely perform worse than then a computer with a modern CPU and no GPU. I have also learned that the more players in the server the lower the FPS will be. Let’s just say this map gives you an authentic 2001 gaming experience, when 30-60fps was the norm, haha. :P

Pro Tip: If you need an fps boost, open the console (~) and type vli and hit enter. This disables the light flare sprites around all the lights and gives a 10-20fps boost.

Some credits:
-The ship trapped in the asteroid was originally made by {DVL} Shad0w for a single player campaign we were working on 15 years ago but never finished. It was originally 4x bigger so I had to scale it down and realign things to make it fit in the asteroid.
-The drop ship below the station and on the asteroid and the small ship that fly’s by are from the volition default RF Group pack, although I did change things on each.
-Thanks to Ice and Goober for introducing me to Goal events in RED and Ice for putting together the events for the cool down system of the SRTs.

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