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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP/MP] Madmod v1.02 by MartianMadman
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Author: MartianMadman [Search Author]
Uploader: MartianMadman [View Profile]
File Size: 225.4MB
File Type: 7z
Added: 01/29/2024
Downloads: 22
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Large and slightly buggy overhaul mod that expands upon the technology and usage of the Geomod engine.

The purpose of this release to FactionFiles is to extend the audience reach. Updates to this mod always go it's Moddb webpage first. You could be playing an outdated version of this mod.

Copy Madmod directory into the mods directory of your Red Faction installation. Select mod: Madmod in Dash Faction Launcher to launch game with the mod.

Frame rate limit between 30-144 is recommended to reduce frame rate related bugs.
Do not use large texture mods. Textures in dds format will override vbm textures in which this mod uses plenty of.
Ingame menu video options has three blocks of different brightness next to the gamma slider. Lower gamma until the first two dark blocks are almost indistinguishable. Does not work for 16bit color depth.

Have every weapon bound to their own key near your movement keys to allow instant switching of weapons. You should be able to do this without needing to look down at your keyboard.
This mod is based on projectile combat so jumping, crouching, and side strafing is essential to avoid getting hit. Do not run toward incoming fire without some side strafing added.
The change in player hitbox from standing to crouching is seemingly instant. Learning to use ctrl for crouch is best and ducking beneath incoming projectiles should be common.
A few entities have a very large amount of health. It may seem as if they are invincible at times.
Adjust reticle size with reticle_scale command.
Higher difficulties make enemies move more.

*Carrying a corpse during a level load/save may put the player in holstered mode. It can initially seem like the game has been softlocked. (Mod-bug)
*Dynamic lights flicker when passing through portals. Probably an issue with Windows Nvidia drivers. (?)
*Some effects will break from high frame rates. Recommend maxfps limit range is 30-144. (RF-bug)
*Footstep sounds only work for entities equipped with their default weapon. (RF-bug)
*Ambient sounds won't pan from left to right channel unless EAX is enabled. (DF-bug)
*Parker and Eos not showing in level l11s3 cutscene. (?)
*Swap Assault Rifle controls breaks Assault Rifle. (DF-bug)
*Cutscenes break ambient sounds. (RF-bug)

\Initial Release Changes/
-Greatly reduce damage taken to entities Drone, Tankbot, Rock Snake, Big Snake, APC, Capek, Masako.
-Use alt fire zoom for Heavy Machine Gun, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Shoulder Cannon.
-Allow placement of multiple remote charges. Must hold fire button to work.
-Increase entity movement speed and acceleration. (Breaks l11s3 cutscene)
-Use fake flashlight texture for Submarine, Fighter, Jeep.
-Utilize unused guard conversation in level l2s3 and l5s3.
-Utilize unused Hendrix messages in level l18s1 and l14s2.
-Use respawning ammo in levels l7s4, l11s3, l20s2.
-Use camera shake for as many weapons possible.
-Use dynamic light emitting bullet tracers.
-Tie weapon firerate to player click rate.
-Allow firing of most weapons underwater.
-Expand clutter object destructibility.
-Use default ambient light intensity.
-Use slightly higher quality music.
-Animate bugs on light glares.
-Improve vehicle mouse input.
-Animate vegetation movement.
-Greatly increase difficulty.
-Make Cutter entity hostile.
-Optimize use of particles.
-Lightmapping improvements.
-Restrict fog to outdoors.
-Instant weapon swapping.
-New weapon fire sounds.
-Expand usage of geomod.
-Reduce fog brightness.
-Reduce bullet spread.
-Minor level changes.
-Expand entity foley.
-Use moving skybox.
-Use dot reticle.

\Changelog v1.01/
-Small changes to grenade properties for usage by entities.
-Increase melee fire wait of cutter, drone, tankbot.
-Add more useful information to the readme file.

\Changelog v1.02/
-Use Red Faction Guerrilla barrel explosion sound.
-Minor texture related visual improvements.
-Reduce rocket projectile velocity.

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