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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Deathmatch :: Arrhythmia (B5) by kerpal
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Author: kerpal [Search Author]
Uploader: kerpal [View Profile]
RFL Name: dm-ARTB5.rfl
File Size: 18.7MB
File Type: rar
Added: 09/17/2023
Downloads: 178 (163 In-Game AutoDL)
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This should be a much more finalized version of Arrhythmia.

Changes made since last release:
-items now have lighting trick
-cut scene cameras are now included
-lowered the light fixtures next to Super Health so you're less likely to bump your head on the ceiling
-The grey doors in each base has a "restricted access" decal to clear any confusion
-triggers on the main doors were expanded slightly so the doors open a little bit sooner. (I also adjusted the speed on the keyframes so it doesn't look like your just walking through the doors.)
-certain textures were fixed up.

I will eventually make similar changes and then some to the ctf version. As far as gameplay goes, this map was a lot of fun to play on gamenight!
BATEMAN · Mon 18 Sep 2023, 1:10 (edited Mon 18 Sep 2023, 1:10) ·
and like this
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Man! you must have gotten on with these improvements immediately after game night. We don't need to tell you how great your work is; if its got Kapal as the author then you know it's going to be high quality.
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