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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: Capture the Flag! by Intharth
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Author: Intharth [Search Author]
Uploader: Intharth [View Profile]
File Size: 234.3MB
File Type: zip
Added: 08/31/2023
Downloads: 18
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: Requires PC version of Red Faction with the Dash Faction patch (v1.6.0+ required, v1.7.0+
: The Dash Faction patch is available at no cost from https://DashFaction.com


Team Capture The Flag? Pfft, screw that, this is SINGLE PLAYER Capture The Flag!

This short single player campaign was made for the 2023 Mars Jam for Capture The flag.
Designed to be a bit of a subversion to what people expect from Capture The Flag - I
decided to go for a single player campaign where the flag is an object you have to steal.

So Get Stealing!!!

To play Capture The Flag! simply export/drag and drop the folder "SPCTF" into your
Red Faction/Mods directory.

Special thanks to HeyItsDuke for lending his voice to the project for the role of Jayden.

Special thanks to Goober for all his technical advice and help as i did my best to keep
the true heart of this project secret for the duration of the Jam.


Highly recommend you to set volume of message dialogue audio higher than all other audio

Ammo is not picked up in the traditional way -instead you have to find ammo throughout the
various rooms - so make sure to conserve and take it slowly.

This is my Second completed full "campaign" - so be nice, let me know if theres anything
wildly wrong! <3

This mod was created using RED & associated tools (RFToolkit etc), Gimp, Blender, Audacity & Notepad++

Includes a fully playable Customised Campaign
Customised Training
Customised Glasshouse

I really hope you enjoy! :)

- Intharth
greyestfox · Tue 5 Sep 2023, 20:43 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
This single player Capture the Flag mod was a lot of fun. I first tried out the Extras mode which was fun. The developer and others created unique assets and models for this mod which fit in very well and added to the experience. The level design in the main campaign was impressive and flowed really well. The difficulty starts off at a very reasonable level but does get a little more difficult (but not frustrating so) towards the end. I really enjoyed searching out the levels and checking out the different assets, models, and Easter eggs put in this mod. I highly recommend trying this out some time, especially if you have tried and like other Single Player Story Mods. This took me about 2 hours to complete (Training, Main Game, and Extra mode included). This was a really unique idea to try out a single player Capture the Flag story and I really enjoyed this entry.
kerpal · Mon 4 Sep 2023, 23:56 ·
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User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
I had a chance to play this earlier and wow what an impressive mod. To me it really has this nostalgic quality of feeling like an oldschool arcade shooter. Fast and frenetic, run and gun kind of action, and color coded keys all feel like callbacks to Doom. Level design felt smart and balanced and the work on the models is just superb. Also great work on the voice acting, I particularly enjoyed the dialogue. It kinda added more of a whimsical charm to things.

So all around, just fantastic work. Very refreshing and original.
liq · Mon 4 Sep 2023, 17:49 ·
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User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
All that have been said about this mod is true.
personally for me humour + wholesome vibe is ..just something else .

hail to Lord_Intharth and his lovely minions ! <3

Goober · Mon 4 Sep 2023, 13:21 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
I finally had a chance to playthrough this and... wow, this mod is incredible!

Fun combat, cheesy-but-funny voice lines, coherent story, and creative levels - Capture the Flag! has it all. I especially enjoyed the key hunting mechanic. It's probably not for everyone, but it takes me right back to the classic FPS games of the past, which is just awesome.

What I love most about this work is the attention to detail put into each and every element - even things as simple as reducing the pistol magazine and reserve ammo capacity to force the player to search for ammo more than they otherwise would need to.

Intharth: It's been a privilege to be able to watch how you've grown (and continue to grow) as a designer, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what you build in the future! This project is a great achievement, you should be very proud. :)

I highly recommend everyone play through this mod - it's fun, light-hearted, and full of personality. You won't regret it!
wdssgrant1 · Sat 2 Sep 2023, 23:42 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
I didn't appreciate the shot about beating you for the record but pretty fun 10/10 -IGN
HeyItsDuke · Sat 2 Sep 2023, 8:45 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Wow. The voice actor who portrayed Jayden sounds like a very handsome and talented individual with the vocal chords of a Greek god who's sweet sound waves melt into the very fiber of your soul like the purest mana from the heavens beyond the veil of the known universe nourishing the weary silver cord that binds you to this physical plane and prevents your essence from floating off into the deep embrace of the unknown cosmos beyond the vague and fragile construct that is our reality of which we fail to entirely understand at its most basic and pure level due to the abstract nature of the concept of reality and existence.

Oh, the mod is very good, too. It's well designed and is a neat and novel concept that was tightly executed with plenty of eccentric humor that enhances the experience, if that's your speed. I know it's mine. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it be made from the ground up, and I plan on doing my own casual speedrun of it.
eckozero · Thu 31 Aug 2023, 18:12 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Highly recommended mod. This has clearly had a lot of love put into it - there's a bunch of new models, voice acting, interesting level designs, secrets... it has a lot going for it.
It's got a weird sense of humour - personally I love slightly odd humour (a pun on a gold coin made me actually laugh out loud) so this was a welcome addition, although I can imagine some people not vibing with that style of humour.

I encountered a small bug during my playthrough, but half of that was me being a dunce, and it certainly didn't detract from the overall experience.
A door that instantly killed me was a small annoyance, but once I knew it could happen I just ran straight through it, rather than dawdling. It also thematically made sense that it would kill me, so I'm not even mad - just slightly taken aback.

I died a fair bit too, but that wasn't because the game was in any way unfair (it was actually incredibly well balanced, given the unique means of picking of ammo) but rather because I need to git gud.

It's short enough to play through in a single session, yet rich enough that I'm already planning an inbounds speedrun of it. What more could I ask for?

A genuine labour of love. With so much going for it, it's difficult to NOT recommend
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