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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Scatterangar by Mikelice
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Author: Mikelice [Search Author]
Uploader: Mikelice [View Profile]
RFL Name: CTF-Scatterangar.rfl
File Size: 3.4MB
File Type: zip
Added: 06/04/2023
Downloads: 52 (29 In-Game AutoDL)
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Map with bases and several corridors. There are also small caves and nice electricity underneath it. Don't go in it or you'll die. You can destroy geometry, so it's time to start mining.
greyestfox · Tue 5 Sep 2023, 20:59 ·
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Preface: I don't normally play multiplayer and never have in RF for PC but I wanted to check out and explore the Mars Jam submissions all the same.

Scatterangar is a really cool map. It gives off industrial vibes and has a great look. It seems like it could be easy to grab the opposite team's flag/ hard to defend the flag base area but that could add to the fun and I'm not an expert that I could say for sure. I would think that this may work for smaller groups of players but also be fun for larger groups as well. I would love to play this map if I were to play multiplayer CTF.
Goober · Sun 3 Sep 2023, 14:09 ·
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Scatterangar is a great map, and a real showcase of just how much Mikelice's mapping has improved in a relatively short timeframe.

It features 3 distinct routes, plenty of pickups and spawn points, and some incredible attention to detail throughout. I especially like how Mikelice was able to leverage textures that are not particularly commonly used (and honestly are pretty difficult to use) to create a fresh and unique feel even while using the same stock textures we've been staring at for two decades.

Scatterangar also gives players free license to geo as much as they want... which is both super cool, and part of the one critique I have of the map: that you can destroy the gameplay with geo. Geoing tunnels, through walls, around doors, etc. is really cool and creates dynamic and interesting gameplay. Geoing big holes under spawn points, or destroying the bridge through mid, harms gameplay. I think a nice compromise (which was suggested by someone in the GN voice chat yesterday) would have been to use indestructible metal beams (detail brushes) under spawn points and within the bridge geometry, to ensure the core gameplay is preserved while still allowing near total destruction.

All in all, Scatterangar is a fantastic map that won't leave you disappointed. Great work Mikelice!
Intharth · Sun 3 Sep 2023, 13:59 ·
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This map is a lot of fun! Being able to blow up whatever made pathways quite funny to handle in the moment, its a well designed level with 2 mirrored routes into the enemy base with good weapon placement throughout. As Acer said the geo-mod itself whilst fun to use does not impact the maps playability at all and really shows the strength of the original red faction tech allowing you to blow your own holes and still play the level and have fun. Solid work! :)
MysticaL-AceR · Sat 2 Sep 2023, 16:40 ·
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You can blow the shit out of it everywhere, no need to worry about non-geo parts in this map. But the design of it however is really good although some corridors would require more texturing work, (like making transitions between different floors and such, instead of directly applied one different to another. It's just a suggestion tho)

Level layout overall is great, i played through it several times in gamenights with people and it doesn't break from aggresive geo-use. Really detailed and playable. Good jobb Mikelice :$
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