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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Map Packs :: RF Game Night 104 Map Pack by Various
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Author: Various [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 59.4MB
File Type: zip
Added: 03/18/2023
Downloads: 24
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Map pack for Red Faction Game Night 104 (DM)

For more information and to participate in Red Faction Game Night events, please join the Red Faction community on Discord: [FactionFiles Discord]

This game night event featured the following maps, of which all customs are included in this pack:
Entropy (Beta 5) by kerpal
Iridium by Kiliad of Oz
Down The Block by DIABLO
Water-Maze by Wasa
Hovel Havoc (GN) by ScuD |SHOE| (Edit by Goober)
Pickle Co. Storage by Pickles
Underground by ek(c)jason_x
SKA king of the hill 4000AD by <<./CG\.>>
Balance by Kiliad of Oz
DaC Field of Dreams tm by Nico and Erik sp thx Mike
Bart's Far Oasis by Bartalon
RHR Syndrom by X
DAC Devilz Trademark by Nico and Mike
Merlins plaza of death by Merlin

We hope you enjoy Game Night! After you play them, try to remember to stop back and leave reviews for the maps listed above. Your feedback could be really valuable to the featured creators!

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