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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Run Maps :: DM - Darkrun by Ninja
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Author: Ninja
Uploader: Faction Files
Filesize: 1.3MB
Filetype: rar
Added: 09/02/2009
Downloads: 1841 (1501 PF Auto DL)
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Darkrun is a very large map designed for a maximum of 11 players, you could probably have more but there is one problem in the map and I havent found the answer..
The level can crash your rf with too many players or too much going on.. (I'm not sure exactly why it happens) but still .. other than that the map is perfectly made.
I would like to think that out of my 2 years of RED making maps .. this is by far my biggest project..
It mainly consists of default textures, default sounds, and default lighting... I think this is the hardest thing RF has to offer..
Anyone that has played Deathrun.. well I would say this is twice as big and 3 times as hard, There are 4 doors (checkpoints) so that if you reach a designated area you can
open a safety point enabling you to access the door after you die instead of having to go along the entire path again and again..
I have to thank Cyrus www.rf-cyrus.de.vu for making the "Deathrun" maps because without them I dont know how this could have come to happen.
I must warn that attempting this map without experience from Deathrun maps you are in trouble! lol. :)
Thank you to everyone who tested it by my side and I'm sure you people know who you are.


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