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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Software - Tools :: RF Dual Core Fix (Obsolete) by darkman042
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Author: darkman042 [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 7.1MB
File Type: zip
Added: 01/29/2023
Downloads: 11
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This is a set of RF.exe variants (including LazyBan, hive, and spect), prepared by darkman042 in September 2006. Around this time, it was first discovered that RF didn't work properly with dual core processors, and everyone was trying to figure out a solution. This pack was compiled by darkman042 to meet that need.

The files in this download serve no functional purpose today since Dash Faction (the de facto standard RF patch) does not suffer this issue. Nevertheless, I'm uploading this pack here for archival purposes - it is a neat artifact from RF's history.

Extract from the original file description (from author) is below.

On computers with dual core processors Red Faction has trouble running properly because the game was designed for a system with one processor core. To fix this you need to tell your computer to run the game using just one core by setting the affinity for rf.exe to either core 0 or core 1 only.

With THIS solution, you can just click your normal Red Faction shortcuts and use the Red Faction Launcher as you always have.

I am assuming that the default directory was used when Red Faction was installed.. if it wasn't you have to change the code listed above in "manual updating" to match your directory.

I am also assuming that you are using version 1.2 of Red Faction. If you are not, either update it first, or follow "manual updating" instructions.

It should also be noted that if you run LazyBan then you need to do the same to the file LazyBan2.exe (or LazyBan130.exe). Also, if you run mods such as the Hive Mod you need to do the same to their executables as well. As mentioned earlier, dual-core compatible (core 0) versions have been included with these instructions.

You can now upgrade to dual core withouth fear of losing your favourite game. ;)

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