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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Mods - Remaster (Script Loader) :: Graphics Improvement Script by Camo
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Author: Camo [Search Author]
Uploader: Camo [View Profile]
File Size: 4.8KB
File Type: zip
Added: 01/23/2023
Downloads: 118
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Graphics Improvement Script
Author: Camo
Version: v1.00
Date: 23-1-2023
Build: 425

* Removes distortion effects
* Removes blurry FXAA
* Changes depth of field focus distances
* Sets shadow cascade resolutions to 5120, 7168, 10240, 10240 (the highest resolutions are the shadows closer to the player)
* Changes the intensity of shadows
* Changes the intensity and scale of cloud shadows
* Reduces bloom
* Improves HDR
* Improves specular lighting
* Improves ambient and indirect lighting
* Increases glass fresnel power
* Improves SSAO
* Improves sunshafts / god rays
* Increases draw distance / level of detail / LOD
* Increases shadow draw distance / level of detail / LOD

[Additional screenshots]

1. Ensure you have RSL installed
2. Drag and drop GFX Improvement v1.00 Alpha from the zip into RSL\Scripts
3. When you load a save you should see messages informing you the script has loaded
4. Shadow changes require toggling a graphics setting like resolution, fullscreen/windowed, depth of field etc after you load a save. Changes will then apply until you restart the game.

NOTE: Eventually this will have to be re-made for RSL2 when it releases and has support for scripting, also note that RSL1 does not support the GOG version of the game! When the script is re-made I will make proper comparison screenshots and sliders.

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