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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Developer Resources :: Extra Music Pack by HeyItsDuke
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Author: HeyItsDuke [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 421.9MB
File Type: 7z
Added: 01/08/2023
Downloads: 28
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This pack is intended to be bundled into mods by modders to have a unified system for using official Volition RF1 style music, while having easy optional HD music integration reducing filesize bloat to save disk space.
If you're a player looking for the HD music addon, please download the "HD Extra Music Addon" instead.

1. Bundle the "SD Music" tracks into your mod.
2. Make sure you keep the names of the tracks the same. If you are integrating this pack into an existing mod, please change music names in music events to match.

When users download your mod, by default it will use stock quality tracks. If the user wishes to have HD music similar to the HD Music mod, they can download the "HD Extra Music Addon" mod and it will automatically integrate with your mods.
Allowing for HD music to be streamed from one unified source to save space on player's disks. If the user doesn't download the HD pack, your mods will continue to function correctly with the bundled stock quality music. Giving users choice.
Goober · Sun 23 Apr 2023, 14:26 ·
likes this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
This is an invaluable resource for designers.

All of these tracks fit extremely well in the RF universe and every designer (especially if they develop SP content) should have a copy of this on-hand. Personally, "em_bigbeat01.wav" is my favorite track.

Thanks so much HeyItsDuke for compiling this!
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