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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Misc Clientside Mods :: Inverta Mod by {DVL} I.A.C
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Author: {DVL} I.A.C [Search Author]
Uploader: Mystyle48 [View Profile]
File Size: 10.7MB
File Type: zip
Added: 12/03/2022
Downloads: 21
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Original description:
Inverta Mod:

this mod is just basically all the weapon textures and some others with there colours inverted.
but any way what this mod does is:

-new weapon textures for all of the weapons
-new menu background
-new menu colours
-new reticle colours
-new beginning loading screen
-new parker skin
-new guard skin
-new menu music

To install simply extract to \user_maps\multi

now run red faction and see how u like the mod

however i made this mod for u to be able to keep what u like and delete what u dont thats why
there was so many files in the exe file. so lets say u dont like weapon textures then delete the file in ur multi folder called "Inverta Mod - Weapons". or if u dont like the menu music then delete the file in ur multi folder called "Inverta Mod - Menu Music". or if u dont like the load screen then delete the file called "Inverta Mod - Load Screen" or if u dont like any of the other textures either then the weapon textures then delete the fle called "Inverta Mod - Other"

if u have any problems or questions about this mod email me at: dvl_iac@yahoo.ca or pcg_sof@hotmail.com
or u can ims me, on l4y, at: DVL_IAC

happy modding ;)


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