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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP] Nano-Theft by Intharth
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Author: Intharth [Search Author]
Uploader: Intharth [View Profile]
File Size: 73.9MB
File Type: zip
Added: 10/22/2022
Downloads: 117
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Nano-Theft is a single player custom short campaign designed by myself and entered to the RELOAD Magazine 2022 SP Mapping jam for Red Faction!

This mini-campaign is my attempt at bridging the gap between RF1 and RF2 slightly - so this acts as a Prequel to RF2 (Inspired by RF2's intro maps) Hopefully this leads to some more small-scale campaigns to fill the Community Extended Revised continuity canon :D

Now, prepare to steal the Nano-cell from the EDF and kickstart the chain of events that will lead to Chancellor Sopot obtaining it for himself!

Due to feedback it is recommended to play on easy with this version, a new update is coming where medium difficulty should be more tolerable

this mod includes 2 single player levels, customised models, textures and brand new voice work (poorly acted by me :P )

Included in this file:
Full single player experience: maps/audio/texture/models/table vpps
Bonus Artwork and screenshots pertaining to the creation of the mod

Thank you for checking this out if you do, and I hope you enjoy! :D

Intharth :D

Maniac · Sat 20 May 2023, 7:53 ·
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User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
I recently went through this mod and I have to admit that I love it. It is a prequel to Red Faction 2, which reminds this game. I like the energetic music and the new mercenary models. There is a lot of shooting here because there are too many enemies here. Another thing is the difficulty level - I recommend beating the mod on easy. There is not enough health and armor to take here. Despite these small things that should be fixed, I recommend it! :)
VideoJames · Tue 25 Oct 2022, 13:50 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Great work! I really liked your recreation of the first level of RF2. I dare say it was even funner then the original. I also really like that you included voice acting and cutscenes. It really added to the overall presentation.

It is WAY too hard on default difficulty though. Turning it done to easy made it much more enjoyable.
ReaperAA · Sun 23 Oct 2022, 12:36 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
A really neat reimagining of the first mission of RF2, while still having its own flavour. Quite action paced due to the presence of many merce... I mean EDF troopers :v. Though due to the nature of the combat and the somewhat scarce resources, I would recommend to play on easy difficulty on your first playthrough.

Quite a fun map overall, even with slight roughness.

Also I did find the opening dropship cutscene to be quite cheezy and funny :lolpup:
MysticaL-AceR · Sun 23 Oct 2022, 9:57 ·
and like this
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Hoo boy. At first impression i expected this to behave the same way as the very first mission of RF2 when stealing the nanocell. Yet not only you worked on the cutscenes to move around and present the area, but the mercenaries are retextured to look like EDF dudes.

Level design can do some work on the second level, but its a jam afterall, so it was made to fit the deadline. During my gameplay i got softlocked due to no ammo, and without anything to kill the guys (at least arm the player with a baton cause there's no melee) i got spamkilled after save/loads.

Difficulty is great but its poor made in terms of item placements and player equipment giving the enemy way too much advantage. Which in my case i had no choice but to cheat.. Maybe other players can deal with it better.. Im sure you'll look into this in the future as we discused already. Both levels are amazing and the RF2 references as well. Wrapping this up, its a start. Keep it up Intharth. arm2
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