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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion - Addons :: [SP] Reaper Balance: Kava Edition by ReaperAA
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Author: ReaperAA [Search Author]
Uploader: ReaperAA [View Profile]
File Size: 53.3KB
File Type: zip
Added: 07/13/2022
Downloads: 44
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About The Mod

This is a custom version of my Reaper Balance mod that I made for the custom SP campaign "Kava" by Goober. Just as with the original version of my mod, the goal is to make a subtle mod which tweaks the balance without changing the looks or feel of the game.

Apart from balance changes to make harder difficulties more fair, this mod makes bullet weapons more accurate comparable to their MP counterparts. This makes the gameplay more rewarding for players with good aim.


Firstly, make sure that you have Kava SP campaign installed. You can get it from this link:

Then, to install this balance addon mod, place the z_ReaperBalanceKava.vpp file inside the the "Kava" folder (which would normally be inside "Red Faction/mods" directory) and then just play Kava.
To remove the balance mod, just delete the z_ReaperBalanceKava.vpp file.


-All bullet weapons have less spread roughly comparable to their MP counterparts.
-Enemy Snipers do much less damage to make them more bearable in outdoor environments at higher difficulties.
-Homing projectiles of enemy aesirs have reduced homing characteristics to make it easier to dodge them.

Specific Changes

Specific list of changes are below:

Weapons (weapons.tbl):
-Control Baton tazer mode clip drain time 2.5->5.0
-Pistol spread degrees 0.5->0.25
-Pistol (silencer mode) spread degrees 0.5->0.25
-Shotgun spread degrees 3.0->2.75, alt spread degrees 6.0->4.0
-Sniper Rifle spread degrees 1.5->0.75, AI spread degrees 2.0->3.0, AI damage scale 0.5->0.25
-Assault Rifle spread degrees 0.8->0.25, alt spread degrees 4.0->0.75
-Submachine Gun spread degrees 2.0->1.0
-Submachine Gun (5.56mm ammo mode) damage 45->50, spread degrees 2.0->1.0
-Riot Shield damage 10->60, AI damage scale 1.0->0.17
-Heavy Machine Gun spread degrees 2.0->1.25, alt spread degrees 1.0->0.25
-Precision Rifle spread degrees 0.75->0.25
-Ground Turret bullet spread degrees 1.5->0.75
-Jeep Gun spread degrees 0.5->0.25
-Aesir Fighter Rocket homing properties changed as follows:
-Turn Time: 8->16
-View Cone: 110->80

Enemies (entity.tbl):
-Elite Security Guards (the dudes who wear shades) life 500->300

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