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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Map Edits - Multiplayer :: Pinpoint Pinnacle v2 by ATMLVE
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Author: ATMLVE [Search Author]
Uploader: ATMLVE [View Profile]
File Size: 127.1MB
File Type: rar
Added: 06/24/2022
Downloads: 8
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A sniper-focused map exclusively for team anarchy. Players are confined to their respective bases. There is a rocket launcher on top of each base. Ideal number of players is at least 6 total. Spawns may not work properly with less than 4 total players.

Intended settings:
-Team anarchy
-Spawn with sniper and gauss rifle
-No starting backpack
-NO infinite ammo

Snipers are littered about to ensure fresh ammo supply. Gauss rifle can be used to break the enemy base. Starting backpack is recommended to be None in order to force the rationing of the backpacks the teams have on the map.

Version 2 of the map. Replaced Heal with Firepower. Added a wall in the front at ground level for each building. Adjusted a few wonky spawns.
Map file contains both the map file directly, and the patch file. Only one or the other is needed.

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