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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Mods - Mod Manager (Classic) :: [RFG] Madmod v0.11b by MartianMadman
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Author: MartianMadman [Search Author]
Uploader: MartianMadman [View Profile]
File Size: 136.8KB
File Type: 7z
Added: 03/12/2022
Downloads: 9
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Madmod is an overhaul mod for RFG that makes changes to both the gameplay and visuals. It should also help make the game feel less frustrating and faster paced. You will need to start a new game for all changes to take effect. This is not an update to that stinky Improved Edition garbage. This is 100% remade from the ground up with a few things from Improved Edition. I do not play RFG much anymore so this mod hasn't been tested all that much. This mod is likely incompatible with other mod manager mods.

\Initial release changes/
-Increased amount of edf control for all sectors to force players to partake in many more guerrilla activities per sector. There may be a chance that it's too high and the campaign is incompletable. If this is the case then please leave a review to inform me of it.
-Small 3d items like dropped weapons or empty clips will never despawn. This will inevitably cause strange things to happen but I haven't had it cause crashes so that's good. Loading a save will despawn them and fix the issue.
-Attempted to make hostages in all house arrest missions virtually invulnerable as a major quality of life improvement. They can still take damage but should have so many hit points that it doesn't matter.
-Npcs on the same team can not damage each other. Prevents horde’s from accidentally killing their own people during combat. Players can still kill npcs.
-Major improvements to the way explosions are handled. Explosions will blast away any structure with ease including those pesky steel beams.
-Tweaks to alert_level.xtbl. To lose alert level either hide for a minute or drive far away from the crime scene.
-Removed bullet push force on ragdolls to add more variety to the ways they fall down after death.
-Increased the max number of simultaneous projectiles that can be in the world at once to 127.
-Increased distance at which the game will convert civilians to guerrilla members.
-Increased the cost of upgrades to compensate for the increase in spawned salvage.
-Nerfed edf flyers. Players can shoot the wings off with ease to take them down.
-Increased distance at which blood splat and bullethole decals can be drawn.
-Removed player flinch and landing animations to improve movement handling.
-Removed ability for npcs to remove remote charges attached to them.
-Added collision physics to small 3d items which did not have them.
-Replaced most death and knockdown animations with ragdoll physics.
-Increased vehicle vertical fov to 75. Excludes tanks and walkers.
-Tweaked a lot of weapons to fire as fast as you click.
-Fix reconstructor not being selectable in ammo crates.
-Increased satellite artillery cam vertical fov to 75.
-Increased guerrilla reinforcements spawn density.
-Change all crosshairs to the one the sniper uses.
-Npcs in vehicles are immune to explosion damage.
-Player melee attacks will always ragdoll npcs.
-Removed guerrilla reinforcements spawn delay.
-Removed player collision damage from debris.
-Removed player sequential damage reduction.
-Added ability to skip all startup screens.
-Removed edf reinforcements spawn delay.
-Remove low health desaturation effect.
-Removed vehicle camera auto centering.
-Increased repair radius and distance.
-Tweaks to rfg_stress_controls.xtbl.
-Increased courier chase distance.
-Increased player movement speed.
-Increased npc weapon burst size.
-Increased size of blood decals.
-Maybe increased lod distances.
-All structures spawn salvage.
-Removed melee auto targeting.
-Removed salvage pickup delay.
-Increased player hit points.
-Improved npc vs npc combat.
-Remove player reload delay.
-More powerful sledgehammer.
-Increased max ammo to 999.
-Tweaks to difficulty.xtbl.
-Bullets damage structures.
-Increased traffic density.
-Remove player fall damage.
-Adjust vehicle handling.
-Removed weapon overheat.
-Removed fog near clip.
-Removed weapon recoil.
-Reduced bullet spread.
-More aggressive npcs.
-Remove camera shake.
-Better npc aim.

\Changelog v0.11b/
-Slightly decreased the reconstructor repair range to fix vfx being rendered a little too far ahead. This is separate from the repair radius which is still the same.
-Change hostage HP multiplier from 999 to 99. I had a hostage die on me while testing so I think the value I set was too high and being ignored or something.
-Increased the maximum number of remote charges that the final upgrade allows you to place from 12 to 99.
-Hopefully replaced all death animations with ragdoll physics for real this time.
-Attempted to increase reconstructor repair rate to as high as possible.
-Added the upgrades.xtbl entry to modinfo.xml. Very important fix.
-Added some forgotten initial changes to the top changelog.
-Maybe unlock the reconstructor for the start.
-Sledgehammer skins cost no salvage.
-Increased nano dissolve radius.
RFG · Sun 13 Mar 2022, 11:56 ·
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
Cool man, I thought you finally abandoned it and will no longer modify the RFG
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