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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Armageddon - Mods - Standalone :: Madmod v0.12b by MartianMadman
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Author: MartianMadman [Search Author]
Uploader: MartianMadman [View Profile]
File Size: 4.1MB
File Type: 7z
Added: 01/06/2022
Downloads: 16
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Madmod is an overhaul mod for RFA that changes the visuals and gameplay in a way which should help make the overall game a better experience.

\Changelog v0.12b/
-Added collide_as_mover_not_with_humans flag to all gibs which allows the magnet gun to target them. Also allows physics to be applied from melee attacks.
-Removed goon AI effects. Idk what it really does but I found it in tweak_tables.xtbl. When I set it to always be on, I found that the AI seemed dumber.
-Added cast_shadows flag to everything in gameplay_properties.xtbl, rfg_materials.xtbl, and items_3d.xtbl.
-Increased draw distance of all dynamic lights giving the game one hell of a visual upgrade.
-Increased vertical fov to 90. New horizontal fovs are |4:3 = 106|16:9 = 120|
-Replaced NPC death animations with ragdoll physics for some weapons.
-Restored nanoforge cooldown. cooldown speed has been doubled.
-Increased alien pod spawn rate to as high as possible.
-Remove player sequential damage reduction.
-Improved NPC vs NPC combat gameplay.
-Tweaks to rfg_stress_controls.xtbl.
-Increased potential lod distances.
-Increased velocity of tracers.
-Increased NPC fire burst size.
-Reduced NPC bullet spread.
-Tweaks to difficulty.xtbl.
-Improved NPC aim.

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