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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Maps - Run :: Shiverwolf Peaks Run by MysticaL-AceR
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Author: MysticaL-AceR [Search Author]
Uploader: MysticaL-AceR [View Profile]
RFL Name: DM-SWP-Run.rfl
File Size: 47.3MB
File Type: zip
Added: 12/19/2021
Downloads: 101 (75 In-Game AutoDL)
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"Shiverwolf Peaks Run" (DM-SWP-Run) by MysticaL-AceR (2021)

This run map takes place before the events of Mt. Frostbite Heights dated back in 2019. When the community expressed their word of love towards my previous experimental frosty anti-run, i thought i would expand it more with a prequel this time. Get ready to go A-posing again towards this much more massive scaled map than Mt. Frostbite.

Shiverwolf Peaks brings you back to the frozen wasteland once you stumble a road block by a huge snow avalanche. Not knowing where to go, you choose the alternative path, even if it means to climb up gigantic mountains (Wolf's Fangs) for survival too. This place was once populated knowing for its rich ice crystal deposits. Nearby villagers attempted to mine them all, but they didn't know they were protected by a curse. And so their end have come with a snow avalanche destroying their settlement.

Hope you guys enjoying it as much as i built it, which i even forgot how long did it took me to make lol.
Goober · Thu 9 Jun 2022, 14:04 ·
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User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
Shiverwolf Peaks is a wonderful map, both as a prequel to Mount Frostbite Height and in its own right. Both of them belong to a niche AceR has carved out for run maps that prioritize art over fancy jumps and precise timing, and it truly makes for an enjoyable experience.
RoMeK · Thu 6 Jan 2022, 23:51 ·
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User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
Beautiful map, Acer. You've gone above and beyond with this one. It's absolutely huge. I love the different terrains and scaling the mountains. I loved that there is a challenge but it's not super or frustrating. It was a very fun and enjoyable run with lots to see and experience. I love your run maps and I love that you're getting into Singleplayer. Your style works so well for Run and Singleplayer maps. Cheers man, excited to see what you make next! :!
Brayden · Thu 23 Dec 2021, 12:28 ·
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User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
extremely well done map, from the directory, landscaping to the ratio of "non-run map style jumps" and "normal run map style jumps, all the way up to the little quest that you have to do in order to continue to the finish, you did a very nice job at keeping the users interacted with your map by adding a little bit of style and personality into the level and making them go on a little scavenger hunt, i loved the feel this map gave me. and as always i love the the little "easter eggs" with the wolf heads that keep you on your feet while running through the map, one actually ended up jump scaring me a little bit haha. I could probably keep going on and on about how well you did, but instead i'm gonna just slap a 10/10 on it and go on with my day! :lolpup:
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