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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP/MP] Brutal RF v0.1b by MartianMadman
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Author: MartianMadman [Search Author]
Uploader: MartianMadman [View Profile]
File Size: 952.4MB
File Type: 7z
Added: 07/29/2021
Downloads: 43
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Brutal RF is a mod made to amp up the gameplay and visuals to the highest degree possible within current engine limitations.
This was originally gonna be RF Improved Edition v1.4 but the name Improved Edition doesn't really work when the mod is sort of a buggy mess so I just decided to call it Brutal RF.
The mod will have a focus on SP and MP.

\What it does + tips/
-More than one remote charge can be placed now. This can only be done while holding the fire button and you cannot create more than 6-7 geo holes at a time. Use alt fire to throw charges faster. [SP/MP]
-Instant weapon swaping, it is recommended to play BRF with individual weapons binded to the keyboard to take full advantage of this change. [SP/MP]
-Almost all weapons can be fired underwater now. smg doesn't have sounds underwater for some reason. [SP/MP]
-No more hitscaning enemies, all bullets are guaranteed to be projectile based. [SP/MP]
-Increased acceleration speed of the player and other humanoid npcs. [SP/MP]
-Added alt fire zoom function for rocket and fusion launcher. [SP/MP]
-Centered the position of most the 1st person weapon models. [SP/MP]
-Most semi automatic weapons now fire as fast as you click. [SP/MP]
-Bullets now fire from the actual 1st person weapon model. [SP/MP]
-Grenades and remote charges can be thrown further. [SP/MP]
-Made major improvements to the particle effects. [SP/MP]
-The Baton stick has a longer battery life now. [SP/MP]
-Tracers fire from all bullets based weapons. [SP/MP]
-All weapons now have ricochet physics. [SP/MP]
-Increased max player armor to 200hp. [SP/MP]
-No more reloading for most weapons. [SP/MP]
-Added weapon recoil camera shake. [SP/MP]
-Increased player jumping height. [SP/MP]
-Much bigger health pickups. [SP/MP]
-Much louder sound effects. [SP/MP]
-Much bigger ammo pickups. [SP/MP]
-Both stealth sections have been removed. The levels still exist, you just don't get your weapons taken away anymore. [SP]
-Increased movement speed of the player and other humanoid npcs. MP player speed is hardcoded so [SP]
-Remote charges can now stick to even more entities like the elite, mercs, and even fish! [SP]
-Better mouse input for the submarine and fighter. non-linear pitch is a problem though. [SP]
-Made environmental changes to a few levels. [SP]
-Higher res lightmaps in all levels. [SP]
-Mercs now panic when set on fire. [SP]
-Extended fog farclip distance. [SP]
-Allows geo-mod in all levels. [SP]
-New music in a few levels. [SP]
-Faster paced gameplay. [SP]
-Ai shoots faster. [SP]

*Mod may change more than whats listed above*

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