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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Software - Tools :: Nanoforge - v0.18.0 by moneyl
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Author: moneyl [Search Author]
Uploader: moneyl [View Profile]
File Size: 1.8MB
File Type: zip
Added: 07/29/2021
Downloads: 17 (0 In-Game AutoDL)
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This release has bugfixes and QOL improvements to make Nanoforge nicer to use.

See Nanoforge basics for a guide on how to use Nanoforge and it's features.
See Nanoforge xtbl editing for a guide on using Nanoforge to edit xtbls.
See Nanoforge texture editing for a guide on using Nanoforge to edit textures.

- Replaced the folder browser with the better one that has the favorites sidebar, search, and more.
- You no longer need to create a project to view files. You only need to for file edits and mod packaging.
- There isn't a welcome window anymore. Instead the main window opens immediately and there's a startup panel that lists recent projects.
- Added a built in changelog to the startup panel.
- The recent projects list is more readable.
- Added basic edit tracking and warnings when you're about to close a file that has unsaved changes.
- Files can now be saved with Ctrl + S.
- BUG: Fixed asm_pc documents being unclosable.
- BUG: Fixed crash when Settings.xml is missing or using the old settings format.
- Automatically upgrades Settings.xml if it's using the old format.
- Improved error logging to help detect bugs and crashes.
- Made the file explorer case insensitive by default with an option for case sensitive searches.
- File > Mod packaging now shows a popup that lets you change the mod name, author, and description before packaging.
- BUG: Fixed bug when creating a new project when one is already open that would copy the edits of the first project to the new one.
- BUG: Fixed xtbl edits persisting when loading a new project when one is already open.
- Added more search paths for RFG auto detection.

See Nanoforge on Github for a list of changes made by previous releases and see the readme for more info about Nanoforge.

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