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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Mods - Mod Manager (Remaster) :: Impossible Mode v1.1 by Colton McClung/scruffygamer
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Author: Colton McClung/scruffygamer [Search Author]
Uploader: scruffygamer [View Profile]
File Size: 189.4KB
File Type: zip
Added: 07/26/2021
Downloads: 50
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This is version 1.1 of the Impossible Mode. We have some changes now. ;)

======== V 1.1 ========


- Turrets cannot auto-aim anymore

- AI can no longer panic when the player throws remote charges on them

- Marauders have a higher probability of spawning with a shotgun

- It now only takes two seconds for an AI to remove a remote charge from their body

- If an AI using a turret dies, another one will immediately go to take their place

- It doesn't take as much height to harm a player from falling

- Civilians are less likely to convert to your side

- There is a higher probability for marauders to raid you now

- It takes longer for the satellite weapon to recharge

- Hostages die faster when you leave them behind

- EDF Snipers have a higher probability of attacking you than civilians

- AI will notice you from further away when you're in a walker

- There is now a bigger morale penalty when the player kills a hostage

- Hostages have less HP

- You can now be penalized if a guerrilla dies from further away to another NPC (MUAHAHAHA)

- Convoys have been changed. They are faster and have 2x the vehicles

- Sectors are a little easier to liberate

- Reduced the spamming hordes of EDF in the Dust walker mission.

=-=-= | CHANGES TO MISSIONS | =-=-=

- All alert level caps have been removed from missions

- EDF reinforcements can appear at any time, regardless of the status of your mission

======== V 1.0 ========


- A LOT more EDF and Marauders

- Higher levels of EDF tech

- Guerrillas are weaker and less reliable

- Takes MUCH longer to liberate a sector

- Upgrades are even more expensive

- Players take much more damage and EDF takes less (Depends on difficulty)

- The game is probably unbeatable. Good luck.

=-=-= | CHANGES TO MISSIONS | =-=-=

- The final mission of Dust has been changed so that not only do you have to worry about the artillery and marauders, but also swarms of EDF

- The second mission of Parker has been changed so you have to deal with swarms of EDF, even during the countdown of the timer

- In riding shotgun, alert level caps are raised and the vehicle only has half the health as before

- In raids, there are twice the EDF

- In house arrests, it takes less time for the EDF to kill the hostages and there are more reinforcements

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