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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Checkmate Pro (Beta 10) by Mark Lewis (Edit by Goober)
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Author: Mark Lewis (Edit by Goober) [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
RFL Name: ctfcmprob10.rfl
File Size: 404.6KB
File Type: zip
Added: 06/09/2021
Downloads: 32 (28 In-Game AutoDL)
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Still in-progress version of Checkmate Pro. Not considered final, this beta is uploaded so it can get some playtesting with the current changes, to determine if additional changes are needed.

Beta 10 changelog:
- Swapped Fusion pickup for Rail Driver pickup and adjusted position to ensure required max length jump
- Removed ledges in mid
- Removed detail beams under bridges
- Made bridges non geoable (resolves movement glitches)
- Swapped Sniper Rifle pickup for Shotgun pickup
- Swapped .50 cal ammo pickup for 10 gauge pickup

Beta 9 changelog:
- Moved super health to ledge opposite pillar

Beta 8 changelog:
- Swapped Rail Driver for Fusion Rocket Launcher
- Swapped Rail Driver ammo for Grenades
- Removed nongeo regions on ledges in mid
- Added Super Health pickups inside pillar in each base

Beta 7 changelog:
- Resolved minor non-geo region bounding box issue in bases
- Added non-geo region to rail jump ledges
- Team color coded lights on rail jump ledges to help with orientation
- Lowered rail pickup very slightly to make a straight jump from the bridge POSSIBLE, but very difficult. Jump from ledge is much easier by design
- Minor texture fixes

Beta 6 changelog:
- Further extended fog far clip plane 120m -> 140m
- Resolved minor wall texture "jiggling" issues in each base
- Resolved UV unwrapping issue on inside edges of door frames (the side that's only visible after geoing)
- Added rocket ammo behind rocket launcher in each base
- Swapped rocket ammo in mid for rail ammo
- Revamped rail area with two primary goals: 1) enhance visibility across mid; and 2) make grabbing the rail a more dangerous activity, and therefore easier to control and deny. Specific changes to rail area are listed below
- Raised rail pickup significantly so it's no longer able to be grabbed simply by jumping from bridge
- Created decorative wall inset (visible in screenshot) on each side of item which include ledge which can be jumped to from bridge, and jumped from to grab rail

Beta 5 changelog:
- Restored second upper route as it appears to have originally existed in Volition beta screenshots
- Added additional health, armor, ammo, and SMG to new upper route
- Added team insignia decals to base side of new upper route
- Added non-geo region to stop floor of new upper route from being geoed apart (which would harm mobility)
- Extended non-geo region for existing upper route downward to stop floor from being geoed apart (which does harm mobility)
- Swapped positions of Rocket Launcher and Rail Driver
- Swapped Flamethrower & ammo for Sniper Rifle & corresponding ammo
- Added 3 additional spawn points: 2 on base side of new upper route, 1 on mid side
- Normalized pickup heights
- Resolved pickup location inconsistencies between bases
- Made minor location adjustments for armor pickups in each base
- Aligned pickup, spawn point, and objective (flag) positions to grid
- Applied lighting trick to ensure pickup and enemy meshes are rendered with fullbright lighting
- Increased fog far clip plane from 70m -> 120m for enhanced visibility
- Resolved minor texture alignment issue in blue base
- Resolved minor portaling issues in blue base

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