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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: RFU6 - MedLabs by Beatonator
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Author: Beatonator [Search Author]
Uploader: Beatonator [View Profile]
RFL Name: CTF-RFU6-MedLab.rfl
File Size: 2.6MB
File Type: rar
Added: 05/15/2021
Downloads: 42 (31 In-Game AutoDL)
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Where the sick and wounded go in the hope of getting a cure and healed only to find themselves as one of Capek's experiments.
The 2 rival teams working for Capek are vying for his attention and this has resulted in Capek offering a reward for the most brutal and deadly team.
Pick your team and fight for the right to mutate and butcher the innocent miners.

This map was created for RFU6, with the theme of creating a map that would fit in with the default aesthetics of Red Faction.
The map contains several custom textures, that are variants from the defaults.

I would expect optimal player count would be 10 - 20. Happy fragging!
Goober · Wed 19 May 2021, 12:59 ·
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
This map is so damn clean!

While the gameplay seems good in general (in fact, I'd really love to play a high player count scrim on it), visuals are where this map really shines. Beatonator has gone above and beyond on this map - making team colorized CTF variations of dozens of stock medlabs-themed textures - and it really paid off.

Despite how enormous the map is in general, no single area feels too big. Additionally, it's very very difficult to create recognizable areas with the visual theme Beatonator picked for this map, but he's done a remarkable job in that area.

If Beatonator were to look to do a "version 2" of this map, I'd suggest making the glass above the mid area breakable to allow players to drop down from the top route, as well as adding some crates or other obstacles to the flag room to break up sight lines a little.
Mitzi · Wed 19 May 2021, 5:58 ·
Really nice (and consistent) visual style in this map.
SeeLkaDooM94 · Sat 15 May 2021, 21:10 ·
The author told me not reviewing it but i must, since it is a pretty huge and open-spaced map. What i love about are definately the custom medlab textures used on both floor and walls.arm2
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