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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Nemesis Pro (Beta 8) by Racer X (Edit by Goober)
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Author: Racer X (Edit by Goober) [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
RFL Name: ctfnemesisprob8.rfl
File Size: 641.7KB
File Type: zip
Added: 05/06/2021
Downloads: 63 (41 In-Game AutoDL)
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Beta 8 of Nemesis Pro. Still in-progress, not considered final. This beta is uploaded so it can get some playtesting with the current changes, to determine if additional changes are needed.

Beta 8 changelog:
-Added extra trim to back of each base
-Slight item positioning tweaks
-Minor texture fixes in courtyards
-Reverted geo region changes made in beta 7

Beta 7 changelog:
-Made catwalks in base opaque
-Removed geo regions from front of base
-Shrunk geo regions on base-side cover for exposed tunnel

Beta 6 changelog:
-Swapped health packs on mid side of both courtyards for armors
-Added health pack to left side of both courtyards
-Minor skybox tweaks (resolving seams)

Beta 5 changelog: (first public release)
-Completely overhauled and restructured geo region approach in courtyard and base to allow flexibility without breaking navigation, using shallow geo regions where applicable
-Completely overhauled and restructured bottom tunnel to break up sightlines, add an exit to courtyard, and add an exit to lower mid
-Completely overhauled and restructured item and spawn point layout in each base, adding an extra spawn, some extra armors and health, some new weapons, and replacing the Super Armor with Fusion
-Increased fog far clip plane from 80m -> 120m for enhanced visibility
-Applied lighting trick to ensure pickup and enemy meshes are rendered with fullbright lighting
-Fixed team color texture issues in blue base
-Fixed texture "jittering" issues on ground in courtyards
-Removed music events and trigger
-Applied invisible texture (with collision) to roof of courtyards to prevent going OOB from headjumps
-Fixed missing texture issue in exposed tunnels
-Resolved ramp issues by adjusting geo regions and changing ramps to grating
-Resolved texturing issues with rust beam frames covering exposed tunnels
-Aligned grating in base to grid to resolve visual issues
-Fixed lower tunnels near back of base not having proper entrance decals
-Fixed inconsistent texturing in base
-Added additional team color texturing in base
-Removed rail driver & rail ammo
-Angled top of walls of exposed tunnels to allow players to climb out
-Added windows to middle hut of exposed tunnels
-Adjusted moss decals to not interfere with exposed tunnels
-Adjusted texture scale for grey cement panels in base to better fit the base
-Fixed window decal depth issues on front of base
-Resolved inconsistency issues with window decals in base
-Removed grating from bottom front of base to allow access
-Resolved base decal issue where window decals would project on support beams
-Added jump pad shafts to base
-Fixed stretching/jittering issues with grating textures in base
-Revolved brush alignment issues in base windows that resulted in odd texturing
-Grid aligned basement of base to allow grid alignment of tunnels
-Fixed portaling issues in tunnels
-Fixed texture issues on hut
-Added invisible geometry to bottom of base and ramps to resolve any potential shallow geo issues
-Improved lighting color differences between bases

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