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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Single Player :: SP - Elusive Lab by Asasa64
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Author: Asasa64 [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 1.1MB
File Type: zip
Added: 05/03/2021
Downloads: 24
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Map 1:
This is the first mission in Operation Victory
You must infiltrate the secret installation and find Gryphon, who is
rumoured to be running an illegal Lab creating secret weapons. This
is a great threat to the Red Faction-EDF alliance we have set up. Stop
the creation of these weapons, and try to find Gryphon. If he escapes,
we can track him, so there is nothing riding on his capture.

Map 2:
You must escape from the Illegal lab. There is a helicopter at the end
of the canyon, make sure you jump the last gap. A rip-off of a movie that will be ripped off
many more times.

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