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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Checkmate Pro (Beta 8) by Mark Lewis (Edit by Goober)
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Author: Mark Lewis (Edit by Goober) [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
RFL Name: ctfcmprob8.rfl
File Size: 401.3KB
File Type: zip
Added: 04/30/2021
Downloads: 44 (22 In-Game AutoDL)
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Beta 8 is somewhat experimental. The changes in this revision were designed to help address how trivial it often is to simply turtle in the base after getting a cap and ride out the timer. The fusion essentially gives you a reset button on a 60 second timer which you can use to clear a window for an attack. The Rail->Fusion swap also serves a dual role in that the fusion helps players make a window to attack, and the removal of the rail helps make turtling less effective overall.

Still in-progress version of Checkmate Pro. Not considered final, this beta is uploaded so it can get some playtesting with the current changes, to determine if additional changes are needed.

Beta 8 changelog:
- Swapped Rail Driver for Fusion Rocket Launcher
- Swapped Rail Driver ammo for Grenades
- Removed nongeo regions on ledges in mid
- Added Super Health pickups inside pillar in each base

Beta 7 changelog:
- Resolved minor non-geo region bounding box issue in bases
- Added non-geo region to rail jump ledges
- Team color coded lights on rail jump ledges to help with orientation
- Lowered rail pickup very slightly to make a straight jump from the bridge POSSIBLE, but very difficult. Jump from ledge is much easier by design
- Minor texture fixes

Beta 6 changelog:
- Further extended fog far clip plane 120m -> 140m
- Resolved minor wall texture "jiggling" issues in each base
- Resolved UV unwrapping issue on inside edges of door frames (the side that's only visible after geoing)
- Added rocket ammo behind rocket launcher in each base
- Swapped rocket ammo in mid for rail ammo
- Revamped rail area with two primary goals: 1) enhance visibility across mid; and 2) make grabbing the rail a more dangerous activity, and therefore easier to control and deny. Specific changes to rail area are listed below
- Raised rail pickup significantly so it's no longer able to be grabbed simply by jumping from bridge
- Created decorative wall inset (visible in screenshot) on each side of item which include ledge which can be jumped to from bridge, and jumped from to grab rail

Beta 5 changelog:
- Restored second upper route as it appears to have originally existed in Volition beta screenshots
- Added additional health, armor, ammo, and SMG to new upper route
- Added team insignia decals to base side of new upper route
- Added non-geo region to stop floor of new upper route from being geoed apart (which would harm mobility)
- Extended non-geo region for existing upper route downward to stop floor from being geoed apart (which does harm mobility)
- Swapped positions of Rocket Launcher and Rail Driver
- Swapped Flamethrower & ammo for Sniper Rifle & corresponding ammo
- Added 3 additional spawn points: 2 on base side of new upper route, 1 on mid side
- Normalized pickup heights
- Resolved pickup location inconsistencies between bases
- Made minor location adjustments for armor pickups in each base
- Aligned pickup, spawn point, and objective (flag) positions to grid
- Applied lighting trick to ensure pickup and enemy meshes are rendered with fullbright lighting
- Increased fog far clip plane from 70m -> 120m for enhanced visibility
- Resolved minor texture alignment issue in blue base
- Resolved minor portaling issues in blue base

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