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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [MP] Iron Sun Mod: Complete Edition by ISM Team
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Author: ISM Team [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 93.2MB
File Type: zip
Added: 03/29/2021
Downloads: 46
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Codename: Iron Sun is designed to replicate scenarios special forces undertake. Each scenarios includes the wide-spread Rogue terrorist organization, and the Iron Sun squads -- elite international squads, assembled specifically to hinder Rogue operations.

ISM Complete Edition is a repack of the original Iron Sun Mod ([ISM]) that fixes some minor crashing issues and includes a ton of additional custom maps that were developed for the mod after its original release. Prior to ISMCE, digging up these maps was a bit of a challenge and some of them never worked correctly. Hopefully now with the release of ISMCE, some of these previously maps that were largely lost to the sands of time can gain new life.

NOTE: To avoid any compatibility issues between versions of this mod, ISMCE uses a new mod name - "ISMCE" as opposed to the original mod's "[ISM]". DO NOT rename the mod folder! Doing so WILL cause you issues.

Maps included in ISMCE are:
- ctf01: Storm by espear / RED-FROG
- ctf02: Assault by Stephen "DIESEL" Cameron & Mike
- ctf03: Desert Sand by $ephiroth & RED-FROG
- ctf04: Sabotage by darkflamer
- ctf05: Lockdown by RoMeK
- ctf06: Sand City by !!BATEMAN!!
- ctf07: Case by Cyrus
- ctf08: Vault by SKA-Diesel
- ctf09: Industrial by SKA-Diesel
- ctf10: Westside by SKA-Diesel
- ctf11: Vigilance by Chubaka
- ctf12: Subway by Alias & Mike
- ctf13: Sting by Mike
- ctfambush: Mountain Ambush by Alias
- ctfancient: Ancient by RoMeK
- ctfcatacombs: Frenzied Catacombes by FrenziedCorpse
- ctfcity2: City2 by Matthew Arsenault, SesS, & Dark
- ctfconstruction: Construction Yard by Blade
- ctfdeathjungle: Death Jungle by jason_x
- ctfdust: Dust by RoMeK
- ctflockeddown: Locked Down by Jason_x
- ctfofficespace: Office Space by Dethstalker & Nastiezo
- ctfrevival: Revival (Arrival) by Edgecrusher & XenCorp
- ctfrtslandings2: Rts Landings 2 by Wizard
- ctfsmallvillage: Small Village by Jason_x
- ctfstrike: Strike by $ephiroth
- ctfsummit: Rocky Sumit by ={xXx}=KillaFreak
- ctfunderworld: UnderWorld by Jason_x
- ctfwharf: Wharf of Sorrows by w.r.e.c.k.s.
- glass_house: Warehouse by Mike
RoMeK · Sun 27 Jun 2021, 0:36 ·
Just to note, this version is missing a few maps.
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