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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Software - Patches/Demos :: Dash Faction 1.6.1 by rafalh
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Author: rafalh [Search Author]
Uploader: rafalh [View Profile]
File Size: 4.8MB
File Type: exe
Added: 02/20/2021
Downloads: 2706
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Dash Faction is Red Faction game modification designed to fix original game bugs, improve compatibility with modern
hardware and software, extend functionality and improve graphics quality and engine performance.

- levels auto-downloader (uses factionfiles.com just like Pure Faction)
- spectate mode (first person or free camera)
- wide-screen support
- windowed and stretched display mode
- better graphics quality (anti-aliasing, higher textures color depth, anisotropic filtering, higher scanner view and mirrors resolution, LOD models improvements and more)
- improved security (enabled Data Execution Prevention, multiple Buffer Overflows fixes)
- removed/raised multiple game limits
- improved Scoreboard with Kills/Deaths column
- information about killer's weapon in chat
- option to disable level ambient sounds
- ui.vpp cheats prevention
- multiple fixes for high FPS (it is currently limited to 240), especially fix for well-known sub exploding bug
- country-specific edition support (properly handles game directory structure for German and French edition)
- improved game performance
- votes support for dedicated servers
- hit-sounds support for dedicated servers
- other usability and stability fixes

Major changes in version 1.6.0:
- use Direct3D 9 API (instead of Direct3D 8) to benefit from a better support in modern operating systems
- a lot of improvements in the level editor which makes it a good replacement for REDPF
- better support for DDS textures
- better support for custom meshes (Switch_Model event)
- 3D sound support
- other fixes and optimizations

Major changes in version 1.6.1:
- added fov and fpgun_fov_scale commands
- improved server-side cheat prevention
- raised decal limit
- remove UID limit (50k) in editor
- many RF bugs and DF regressions fixed

See CHANGELOG.md in installation directory for details.

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