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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Developer Resources :: Red Faction Cut Content Asset Pack 2 by Volition & Goober
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Author: Volition & Goober [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 5.3MB
File Type: zip
Added: 12/17/2020
Downloads: 62
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This pack contains models, textures, an animation, and the Bucket Bot entity - all of which were cut from the game prior to retail release (cut content). Also included are some textures I've made either by editing stock assets, or from scratch in a similar style to stock assets. These assets all fit perfectly in Red Faction custom mods maps and will hopefully be of use to developers.

This pack contains all files from my first Red Faction Cut Content Asset Pack, as well as lots of new assets.

leveltextures_volition - contains official Volition textures that were not included in the PC release. I've salvaged these from various sources including multiple demo versions on both PS2 and PC. All of these textures would have been part of the RF development process, but not included in the final release (presumably because they weren't used in any stock maps).

modelsanims_volition - contains 7 clutter objects (with skins), 1 animation for the male miner character, and all required assets for the cut Bucket Bot entity. I've also salvaged these from various sources including multiple demo versions on both PS2 and PC. These assets would have been part of the RF development process, but cut at some point before the PS2/PC retail releases.
: Spotlight, OilDrumFire, and the icicles are all usable clutter objects in RED editor, just their meshes were missing from the game at release. The textures should be packaged along with the mesh files in any project that uses them.
: The animation is used for male characters to appear as if they are "warming their hands" over a fire - in the case of the RF PS2 Demo, it was over the flaming oil drum.
: For the Bucket Bot, I've included a text file with the necessary configuration for the entity (salavged from one of the PS2 demos). To add the entity to a conversion mod, add the included assets to your mod and add the contents of this text file to your mod's entity.tbl file.

leveltextures_goober - contains textures I've made either made or edited. More specific info on these is below.
: cem_gbre3s1tan.tga, mtl_gbrmerc_floor01b.tga, mtl_gbrcontrl_panel06b.tga, mtl_gbrdirtytechceiling01b.tga, mtl_gbrouterwall02b.tga
: Alternate colored versions of stock textures.

: cem_gbrpoured05_red.tga, cem_gbrcemceil03b.tga
: Team colored versions of stock textures that lacked them.

: cem_gbrctf03mid.tga, mtl_gbrctf03mid.tga, mtl_gbrctf03white.tga
: Neutral versions of stock textures for which only team colored versions were available.

: mtl_gbrbluediaclean.tga, mtl_gbrbluediaclean_ice.tga
: Plain versions of stock textures without the line on every tile. These versions tend to be less noticable when tiling a lot.

: mtl_gbrfence02_A.tga
: Extracted from one of the RF demos. 24-bit TGA, should be higher quality than the 16-bit VBM version included in the PC release.

: mtl_gbrmerc_wall01_b.tga, mtl_gbrmerc_wall02_b.tga, mtl_gbrtramwall01_b.tga
: Plain versions of stock textures that have detailed elements. These textures work well when used in conjunction with the stock versions to add some variance in maps.

: mtl_gbrngdmgcrate01.tga, rck_gbrorsed01.tga, cem_gbroutdoor01.tga
: Textures I remade from scratch. The first was recreated based on a very low resolution version included in the N-Gage version of RF (in the Damagehall map). The second two were recreated based on beta screenshots of Red Faction PS2 posted by Volition. All 3 of these textures would have been part of the RF development process, but not included in the final release (presumably because they weren't used in any stock maps).

: sld_gbrbrickwall01b.tga, sld_gbrbrickwall02.tga, sld_gbrbrickwall02b.tga
: Plain version of a Volition official texture from Sniper City to remove the built-in trim section, plus blue team colored versions of the original and the clean version.

: rck_gbrtestblast1.tga, mtl_gbrbasegreyblue2.tga
: Two interesting textures I salvaged from an obscure PS2 demo of RF. The first one seems to have been a test of a blast marker, and the second an alternate version of a stock RF texture (mtl_basegreyblue01.tga)

: dcl_gbrthqdec1.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec2.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec2_hr.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec3.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec4.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec5.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec6.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec6_hr.tga, dcl_gbrthqdec7.tga
: Decals made from Volition/THQ promo material. Likely were decals in the RF development process but not included in the final release. Most of these are of a lower quality than would be ideal (as they were salvaged from jpg thumbnails from an archive of THQ press promo material), but the two with _hr appended to their filenames were sourced from higher quality images.

If you're interested in Red Faction at all, you should join the Red Faction Community Discord (FactionFiles) - it's where the community lives, and where you'll find basically all fellow map and mod developers, as well as players and speedrunners.
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