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FactionFiles :: Files :: Red Faction - Mods - Total Conversion :: [SP] Reaper Balance: A subtle singleplayer balance mod by ReaperAA
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Author: ReaperAA [Search Author]
Uploader: ReaperAA [View Profile]
File Size: 47.8KB
File Type: zip
Added: 11/03/2020
Downloads: 141
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About The Mod

This is a balance mod that I made for the singleplayer campaign to try and address some of the difficulty spikes and unfair bits (mostly in the late game parts) and make them more fair.

The mod also makes bullet weapons more accurate comparable to their MP counterparts. This makes the gameplay more rewarding for players with good aim.


-All bullet weapons, except for the sniper rifle, have less spread comparable to their MP counterparts.
-Rail Driver deals much less damage, and AI will no longer one-shot you (except for maybe impossible difficulty).
-All Mercenary enemies have less health and deal less damage.
-All homing projectiles have reduced homing characteristics to make it easier to dodge them.

Specific Changes

Specific list of changes are below:

Weapons (weapons.tbl):
-Control Baton tazer mode clip drain time 2.5->5.0
-Pistol spread degrees 0.5->0.25
-Pistol (silencer mode) spread degrees 0.5->0.25
-Shotgun spread degrees 3.0->2.75, alt spread degrees 6.0->4.0
-Sniper Rifle spread degrees 1.5->0.75, AI damage scale 0.5->0.4
-Assault Rifle spread degrees 0.8->0.25, alt spread degrees 4.0->0.75
-Submachine Gun spread degrees 2.0->1.0, AI damage scale 0.7->0.6
-Submachine Gun (5.56mm ammo mode) damage 45->50, spread degrees 2.0->1.0, AI damage scale 0.7->0.6
-Riot Shield damage 10->60
-Rail Driver damage 2550->1200, AI spread degrees default 0.0f->1.0, AI damage scale 0.7->0.15
-Heavy Machine Gun spread degrees 2.0->1.25, alt spread degrees 1.0->0.25, AI spread degrees 1.0->1.5, AI damage scale 0.7->0.45
-Precision Rifle damage 125->100, spread degrees 0.75->0.25, AI spread degrees 0.5->1.0, AI damage scale 0.5->0.35
-Ground Turret spread degrees 1.5->0.75
-Jeep Gun spread degrees 0.9->0.5
-Capek Cane homing properties changed as follows:
-Turn Time: 6->10
-View Cone: 120->100
-Submarine Torpedo velocity 7->12, homing properties changed as follow:
-Turn Time: 12->25
-View Cone: 110->80
-Wakeup Time: 0.10->0.25
-Aesir Fighter Rocket homing properties changed as follows:
-Turn Time: 8->16
-View Cone: 110->80

Enemies (entity.tbl):
-Capek's Elite Security Guards life 500->300
-Mercenary Grunts (ones that mostly use Precision Rifles) life 200->160
-Mercenary Commandos (ones that mostly use Rail Drivers) life 250->200
-Mercenary Heavies (ones that mostly use HMG and Fusion) life 400->275
-Masako life (excluding her nanoshield) 2000->1000
VideoJames · Wed 4 Nov 2020, 2:20 ·
User Rating: 👍 Recommended!  
Great mod! Makes the game more fun and balanced without drastically changing the overall feel.
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