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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction - Developer Resources :: Red Faction Cut Content Asset Pack 1 by Volition - Compiled by Goober
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Author: Volition - Compiled by Goober [Search Author]
Uploader: Goober [View Profile]
File Size: 1MB
File Type: zip
Added: 10/18/2020
Downloads: 35
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This pack contains models, textures, and an animation that were cut from the game prior to retail release (cut content). These assets fit perfectly in Red Faction custom maps (since they're literally official assets) and will hopefully be of use to mappers.

The "modelsanims" folder contains several static meshes, their textures, and an animation file. These resources were all recovered from the RF PS2 Demo, and previously released in my "Red Faction PS2 Demo - PC Port" mod (https://www.factionfiles.com/ff.php?action=file&id=517827)
-These static meshes are all usable clutter objects in RED editor, just their meshes were missing from the game at release.
-The textures should be packaged along with the mesh files in any project that uses them.
-The animation is used for male characters to appear as if they are "warming their hands" over a fire - in the case of the RF PS2 Demo, it was over the flaming oil drum.

The "leveltextures_volition" folder contains official textures that were cut from the game before release. These come from multiple sources:
-Extracted from Sniper City, a custom map released by Volition mapper Brad Johnson.
-Recovered from Red Faction PS2 Demo.
-Recovered from Red Faction PS2 retail release.

The "leveltextures_remade" folder contains a single texture that I did not recover from anywhere, instead I made it myself in Photoshop. The stock game has neutral and CTF blue variants for cem_poured05.tga, but no CTF red variant. I referenced the existing neutral/blue variants of this texture, as well as CTF red variants of other similar textures in creating this. I expect this texture looks virtually identical to the official texture Volition undoubtedly had but never released. It fits in with the base game without issue.

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