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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Deathmatch :: DM - Xtreme Detail by Ninja
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Author: Ninja
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 201.1KB
Filetype: zip
Added: 03/26/2020
Downloads: 101 (53 In-Game AutoDL)
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A very old map Ninja had sent me in November 2005 but never (to the best of my knowledge) released. I found it in an old backup and thought it was about time it saw the light of day.

It's a pretty simple map, just some small hallways and weapons. When he sent it to me, Ninja explained that he was testing out a new concept with the pulsating red animated textures on all the surfaces in the map - it's a pretty cool effect in retrospect.

Either way, hope you enjoy!

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