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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Map Packs :: RF Game Night 13 Map Pack by Various
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Author: Various
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 89.2MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 03/22/2020
Downloads: 61 (0 In-Game AutoDL)
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Map pack for the thirteenth Red Faction Game Night: Completely Random - Take 2 (DM)

For more information and to participate in Red Faction Game Night events, please join the Red Faction community on Discord: redfaction.chat

Game Night 13 featured 27 maps randomly selected from our archive of the more than 4000 DM maps released throughout RF's long history. During the event, players were not aware of the maps that would be played until they began. This map pack was released after the event as an archive, and in case anyone wants to run through them.

Maps included in this pack:
DM - <GZ> Cartoon Town by <GZ>Infernus
DM - Old Mines by Blank
DM - Nexus by kerpal
DM - Acid Compound by Link Master
DM - RTS A Space Odyssey by Wizard
DM - Aztec Death by Irish [KoRn] [G]*
DM - Small Town by Lo_Pan
DM - Bloody World by {PSX}Snufver
DM - Cell Games by Infernus
DM - Chicago by Tico Torres
DM - Ultor Auto Sales by Mike G. "Flaming Mike"
DM - Corpses Caves by espear
DM - [DW] Prisoner of war camp 1.2 by [DW]Jo
DM - Citywar 2 by RED-FROG
DM - Hazmat Arena by Pickles
DM - MeanReaktor by Jan Radt
DM - Pyramide by [WoH] KillaRobbe
DM - Rail Gotic by Melissa von Drengfurth
DM - SWA Plunge 2 by SWA Madcat
DM - WetWork by Trump!
DM - [JtB] Gost Town by jason_x
DM - 666 Gas Station by Diablo
DM - MeGaMiX by SEB93
DM - LCF Street by Lucifer
DM - Town by [-U-] $p!ke
DM - Ramses by Sober
DM - Bart's Virtual Arena 2 by Bartalon


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