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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Single Player Levels :: SP - Laboratory by Gremlin (Liam McGuire)
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Author: Gremlin (Liam McGuire)
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 1.2MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 08/20/2019
Downloads: 24 (0 PF Auto DL)
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SP - Laboratory is an action-packed single player level.


From the author:

Section 1: Wait for the tech to open the gate, then proceed through. Follow the path through
into the test chamber. Once the reeper has been released, run around avoiding it
until the test ends. Red Faction miners will then free you and open the door, so
just walk on up to it. Take the guards' shotguns before proceeding.

Section 2: Proceed up the stairwell, or take the elevator (if you dare). You can only go as
far as the third floor, where there are windows with guards behind them. Break the
windows and go up the corridor. When you reach the Water Reclamation room, hop in
the water and swim down into the drainage shaft. You will come out in a big room full
of water. Go up the ramp.

Section 3: From the door, turn right and run out onto the balcony. You will notice that the
catwalk has broken. This means you will have to walk along the pipes to get to the
other side. Follow this order: Forward onto the first pipe, jump left down onto the
second pipe, run along that and jump to the third pipe, then jump to your right up
onto another pipe, then jump up the bend of the pipe and leap off there onto the
broken catwalk on the other side.

Section 4: Here, you have to destroy the pumps. Take out the three pumps and the big control
pump. you should notice the music change. Now run back onto the catwalk, turn left
and jump up onto the pipe. Follow it along until you can again jump up onto a higher
pipe. Follow this along until to can jump back to the first catwalk. Proceed down by
jumping down the levels, take out the guards, and go down to the basement floor via
the stairwell.

Section 5: Go through the door and hit the switch in the control room to open the second door.
From here, proceed through the office to find the hatch. open it, jump down and run
to the end of the corridor to finish the level. You will have to wait for the Miners
to reach you before the level will end.

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