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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Deathmatch :: DM - Mining Station (Beta 32) by Chris "Goober" Parsons
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Author: Chris "Goober" Parsons
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 3.3MB
Filetype: zip
Added: 08/12/2019
Downloads: 365 (274 In-Game AutoDL)
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Beta 32 of Mining Station - a Red Faction deathmatch map that I've been building off-and-on over the last few weeks, using the base layout of metl4 (Mining Station) from Sauerbraten, originally built by metlslime. Recommended for 2-10 players.

I do intend to finish this map at a later date, however I'm unsure when that will be as of now. Until then, I thought I'd release the current (playable) beta so you can all enjoy it in the meantime.

NOTE: The map is not finished and may have bugs. I welcome any and all feedback/criticisms on the map on Discord, or via DM/PM. I also hid Beta 31 from FF, so that's why you're not finding it if you're looking. If you want an old version of this map for some reason, feel free to DM me.

Changelog from Beta 31:
-Fixed jumppads not working properly with some multiplayer characters
-Very minor texturing fixes
-Added sign to make one side of mid section less boring
-Slightly adjusted fog level
-Added invisible brushes to smooth out movement in some areas

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