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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Mod Manager Compatible Mods :: Super EDF Heavy Artillery Tank by Xeper8x8
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Author: Xeper8x8
Uploader: xeper8x8
Filesize: 2.2KB
Filetype: rar
Added: 04/03/2018
Downloads: 268 (0 PF Auto DL)
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This tank is Nukin Futs! I modded the S**t out of the EDF Heavy Artillery Tank.

• Tank is invincible af. (one bug but ill get to that)
• Tank is fast af. Maybe the fastest vehicle in the game??
• Tanks handling is excellent af. I modded the handling of the tank to match its speed. Turns more sharp, accelerates faster, moves back and forth faster (faster gear shifts or w/e), and stops on near a dime (one bug but ill get to that too).
• Tanks Turret is WD-40'd af. I changed the pacing of the turrets rotary speed to match the speed and handling of the tank.
• Tank fires missiles af. I changed the pattern of the single shot attack (solo) to the Regular artillery tank's burst attack since its more practical than its original attack. Also modded the fire rate and how much missiles it shoots at a time. I think 6 per shot? The automatic (burst) attack is unchanged (one bug see below)..
• Tanks Turret is cool af. That s**t wont ever overheat. Works for both attacks.

*This mod can be used for both mission and free roam mode. Youll have a blast with both. I recommenced using the Increased EDF mod with this one. Once got a 999+ kill streak during the Parker capstone mission lol.

•Though the tank will never explode, it still takes some cosmetic damage. By cosmetic i mean if you go too fast and hit collide with another vehicle (and yes that other vehicle WILL explode on impact, ive even one shotted other tanks) the tanks hatch will start flopping around along with the hatches that open when you fire. i think after like 5 collsons itll start to do that. idk if thats considered an actual bug, but it looks unpleasant.
• The tanks handling is excellent but, sometimes if you brake too abruptly, the tank will tip forward. Physics uk. Idk if bug either but its something of note.
• This, i think, can be classified as a bug. If you fire TOO MUCH missiles, some missiles will start to mosey around slowly (sometimes spinning around) until they hit something. Sometimes they just stay in one place and dont hit anything at all, but at least you get to see what they look like lol. Its kinda funny actually. Actually had an EDF walk into a stationary one. Dumbass lol.

I forgot to mention youll have to get used to the the handling of the tank since your not going to be used to driving a fast tank. Its strange at first since you have to use both sticks, but youll get used to it sorta quick. Id say start test driving around the center Dust safehouse. Those roads are more wide, straight and flat. Thats where i started.

* Any other bugs i didnt drot down lmk, k? email me (should be on my profile somewheres).

"The Hydra is the most powerful warship ever built" - Admiral Cobel (if that last names spelled right but who cares?).
No, THIS tank is the most powerful warship ever built, f****r!


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