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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Deathmatch :: DM - Cradle (Arecibo, Puerto Rico) by KillaFreak
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Author: KillaFreak
Uploader: Goober
Filesize: 15.6MB
Filetype: rar
Added: 05/18/2015
Downloads: 665 (311 In-Game AutoDL)
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Hello everyone, this is my latest and biggest level I have ever made. If you have ever played Goldeneye on Nintendo 64, you will know this level. I created it in Red Faction as it is in the video game, but added some stuff. I added the bowl that you see in the movie. If you jump from the middle of the cradle, you will die on impact, seeing your body hit the ground. It is possible to get to the bowl, just jump off from the most outer sides of the cradle (one of the three towers). I also added a much better skybox, and better looking textures.
SeeLkaDooM94 · Wed 1 Jun 2016, 11:43 ·
"For England, James? No, for me!"
Played this once and it is a remarkable moment from the movie. Gotta love that skybox and the structures made! :124:
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