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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Run :: PDM - SeeLkaRuN 4 Downtown Metropolis Fixed by SeeLkaDooM
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Author: SeeLkaDooM
Uploader: SeeLkaDooM94
Filesize: 38.5MB
Filetype: rar
Added: 03/24/2014
Downloads: 817 (477 In-Game AutoDL)
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PDM - SeeLkaRuN 4 Downtown Metropolis by SeeLkaDooM *2014*

THE ARCHIVE HAS 2 FILES: The map itself and the music&sounds one too. Dont remove music&sounds or else u wont hear the sound effects of the map. (beside music)

Ladies and gentle-players , after so long wait and pain in da ass with the construction , i finally finished this monster map of over 40 mb , it took 2 years and a half to build it , and i apologize if i ever pissed off anybody regarding to it , cuz i was also stressed with real life thingyes i couldnt get this project done immediatly. :(

But anyways back to our story run! ;D Chapter 4.

You survived and escaped from the madness of lava flow by the volcano located in the jungle, however the helicopter has transported you into the deep urban field of glass , steel , concrete and brick. This map is designed for a downtown city run style which includes almost everything in a normal town (except people on the streets) so let's just say that this city is evacuated for runners temporary :P You already know all about it on the VIP description thread so i wont say no more about it , but just have fun with it and i hope its worth it :3
Oh and if ur wondering , i got rid of 3-Tower-Observatory *(the hard part)* cuz i couldnt do anything much more on it since i overdid the red limits so pretty much this would be much more easier! So il keep that area for another run in the future. The map has 3 secret switches which unlocks the Airport gates to the finish . Press them all and get a load of geo-mod explosive fun over there ;D There will be 5 Black-Birds ready to take off to the next run map! Stay Tuned!
Special Thankies And For Testing Over The Years of Making:
-Sgt. Rexxar -Robotgirl -Cyrus -DarkW@rrior -Damaster4u -ice -Sup

Known Bugs Found: Telefrags on CP3 and Casino.
Solution: Non-teleporting primitive cps and separated death regions.

And.. To Be Continued.......
[Deleted User] · Sun 3 Sep 2017, 10:53 ·
Hate this map. The city is so badly rendered, it just feels extremely dated and boring.
SeeLkaDooM94 · Tue 17 May 2016, 5:13 ·
User Rating: 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5  
The most nonsense story i have ever heard lmao.. Idk where did haze saw a green emerald in SR4 cuz i didn't added any in here (beside the platinum jewel above the Casino) my main objective was to go ahead with the story. Not going backwards with flashbacks. :P and even if it was stolen it was also made by own hand, not by any other mappers. Everyone has their own right to use whatever they created (groups etc.) As long as they belong to them.
[Deleted User] · Mon 16 May 2016, 16:44 ·
omg guys I just discovered that seelkarun4 takes place before seelkarun2, the giant green emerald in seelkarun2 was STOLEN from seelkarun4 that's why you have to evade capture from the police in seelkarun4, lets hope seelkarun5 the dirty thief seel gets arrested and takes place escaping prison #seelexposed
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