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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction I - Maps - Capture the Flag :: Duality à la mode by Edgecrusher, Goober & nick
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Author: Edgecrusher, Goober & nick [Search Author]
Uploader: nick [View Profile]
RFL Name: ctf-dualityalm.rfl
File Size: 700.2KB
File Type: zip
Added: 04/28/2020
Downloads: 198 (134 In-Game AutoDL)
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Edgecrusher's early 2003 Duality is an anomalously good map. It has a solid layout, is scaled properly and has cohesive visuals. It seems to be, in a sense, a vague mashup of Warlords and Score. The fact that this was Edgecrusher's first map and required only four weeks of their time to build is rather insane. Still, it's a product of its time and has a few issues.

In early '03 it was not uncommon to play with weapon-stay disabled so the map is absolutely soaked in weapons, ammo and armors. There are also far too many Geo-Mod regions that don't functionally improve gameplay. And it could really use some more capping routes: a risky one through mid and a longer, safer one through top.

This tweaked version aims to fix these issues and make it playable today. We hope this gets some playtime as it seems to have been previously lost to obscurity.


- Reworked item layout
- Added new spawns and tweaked existing ones
- Made it possible to Access Amp by climbing the rocks in mid
- Removed Geo regions entirely.
- Added a tunnel to the high ground (thx Goober)
- Added a pipe from the flagroom to mid (thx Goober)

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