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Faction Files :: Files :: Red Faction: Guerrilla - Software - Tools :: Your Faction Guerilla - V0.2 by ChrisCrinkle
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Author: ChrisCrinkle [Search Author]
Uploader: ChrisCrinkle [View Profile]
File Size: 26.1MB
File Type: rar
Added: 05/27/2011
Downloads: 11842
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YFG is a tool to make editing Red Faction Geurrilla really easy, it's still in development, but is really powerfull even so:[/CENTER]

(All these things can be done right now, AND MANY MORE!)

[*] [COLOR="Cyan"][B]Set ammo[/B][/COLOR] to virtually limitless amounts (currently capped at 10000, request a raise if you need it!)
[*] [COLOR="Cyan"][B]Modify[/B][/COLOR] a comprehensive range of factors for each weapon, including
[*] Firing speed
[*] Firing Spread
[*] Aim settings
[*] Explosion effect
[*] Ammo box amount
[*] Weapon damage
[*] Reload time
[*] Weapon kick
[*]Make bullet weapons cause [COLOR="Cyan"][B]physical building damage[/B][/COLOR]!
[*]Change [COLOR="Cyan"][B]how easy buildings fall down[/B][/COLOR] from damage (Environment > Stress Controls)
[*]Modify the properties of the [COLOR="Cyan"][B]main explosions[/B][/COLOR], for factors including:
[*] Explosion radius
[*] Building damage
[*] Duration of explosion (FUN!)
[*] Visual effect (Change from invisible right through to exp_carbomb!)
[*] Flinch and dive radius for nps.
[*] Change damage settings!
[*] Set Visual effects on the Remote Charge (e.g. [COLOR="Cyan"][B]make it emit flames[/B][/COLOR])!
[*] Change [COLOR="Cyan"][B]the npc group patrol sizes[/B][/COLOR].
[*] Modify an incredible amount of settings for the [COLOR="Cyan"][B]vehicles[/B][/COLOR], Including
[*] Weight
[*] Speed
[*] Damage from collisions.
[*] Engine power.
[*] Hitpoints
[*] Npc's top speed!
[*] Change the [COLOR="Cyan"][B]FOV/camera[/B][/COLOR] angle so the game doesnt looks always "zoomed in".

This puts the fun back in the faction!

(also check out my little dev-blog at [URL="http://crinklemedia.blogspot.com/"]CrinkleMedia[/URL])

[*] MORE editing sections added!
[*] Improved (lowered) memory usage!
[*] 400 MORE EDITABLE VARIABLES! (Now at over 600!)

See the video below: all captured footage was from edits made EXCLUSIVELY USING THE PROGRAM!

[B]You can also keep up to date with whats happening with it via the development blog at: [URL="http://crinklemedia.blogspot.com/"]crinklemedia.blogspot.com/[/URL][/B]
Filth Skreamer · Fri 24 Jul 2015, 8:59 ·
Did Chris die?
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